One Piece Ch. 1058


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They got Zoro's bounty wrong.

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>Stop the count!!

Based Chudssop

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Break time

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About Zoro’s bounty

When will zoro and sanji finally kiss?

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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>the upcoming arc features both the Cross Guild and the revolutionaries
>at the very least we will get both Crocodile's and Dragon's backstories as we head to the final war
just saying there's time to jump on the crocomom train

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What happened to Ganster Gastino after the tea party?

Why do the marines think franky is sunny now?

>nine digits

>Chapter set just moments after the water fall landing

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>Vergo dead
>Monet dead
>Father got his mom killed
>Brother betrayed him
>Viola dumped him for Sanji
>Left the heart throne empty 13 years for Law but Law just wanted to kill him
>Crocodile rejected him and is now working with Mihawk and a clown
>Lost everything
>Now stuck in a jail cell while everyone else is playing a role in the final saga
Is he the most cucked character in the manga?

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Nah, Croc is Dragon's brother and thus Luffy's Uncle.

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How does Franky having the Sunny figurehead be his bounty photo even begin to make sense?

They know what General Franky looks like. Did the photographer look at the old one and for some reason run all the way to where the Sunny was docked to snap a picture… of a ship…? What? They were somehow able to snap a photo of Gear 5th Luffy and yet somehow they didn’t spot Franky Shogun, which looks pretty identical to General Franky, running all over the place or fighting Sasaki?

Doing Frankybros dirty Oda

It's one of those mysteries we'll never get answer to. Like what happened to Mr. Snrub in the Simpsons.

Post Cute and Canon

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So Bonney is with Vivi and Sabo or Kuma send her to another place

sanji is so lucky

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If the entire Doflamingo Family joined the cross guild would they be the strongest Yonko?

Hello where am I?

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Mihawk BROKE you.

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>Calling the Revolutionaries knowing damn well they don’t have the white den den mushi to block out any interceptions
>Eyes of the den den mushi, which are supposed to reflect the caller, are hidden
Yeah that’s not Sabo

Usopp dual wield pistols now

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>Get btfo by Vergo and needs to be saved by Sanji
Should have also added to your pic how Law not only defeated Tashigi but also humiliated her and how she had to be saved by Smoker. AND also how Monet not only defeated Tashigi but also humiliated her and had to be saved by Zoro Honestly I don't even understand how people can pretend to like this character anymore, Oda just trashed the character the entire timeskip. The whole character is just a running gag of humiliating defeat at this point, there's nothing left to salvage from this.

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Cross Guild already is the strongest
all the big underworld players are already flocking to join them, and more and more will follow
Cross Guild will become like a rallying point for any lesser crew that isn't affiliated with the other 3 Yonko, and wants to get payed for killing marines


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This translation is embarrassing

I want Katakuri to sit on my face

It'll prob turn out to be Devon

>So obsessed with shoving their shitty memes into the chapter that they didn't check to see if Zoro's bounty was actually correct

Yeah Perona doesn't have those lips and tits.


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The english Viz translation is not correct.

From now on we have to rely on the official VIZ hue translation.


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She is being beheaded by Devon

murun huhuhu~

Made for Doflamingo's long cock

Elbaf joiner soon

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Shadow yonko is such a cool idea.

I like the idea of Devon impersonating Sabo so we can transition to Blackbeard right away next chapter
I still think we're gonna see Sabo and Vivi safe and sound in 1059 tho


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Mais Forte bros... We won.

Lies and deceit

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viola is fucking top tier. Looks wise she is better then robin

Zoro's pov every morning in the past

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>BRASILIAN is better in Japanese as the English
To be expected they have the 2nd biggest Japanese demography

Mihawk is going to save her.

The new weakling trio, Usopp was demoted.

I bet they will have a kid for Two Piece

Chopper has probably had the least progression of any crew member since the timeskip and this is all Oda has to show for it, just repeating the shitty bounty gag ad nauseum. Can't believe we missed out on a proper Chopper/Queen fight for this crap.

What the FUCK was his endgame when he volunteered to become the World Government’s guinea pig?

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So who's the luckiest? Doffy for fucking Viola or Viola for fucking Doffy?


Zoro's bounty was fixed

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>nine digits
what?? stephen???