>big breasts
>wears modest clothing, mostly sweaters
>works in library (optional)
Discuss. Also how come this type doesnt have a name.

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>Also how come this type doesnt have a name.
I call her the "main girl sidekick".

It's rare she's a sidekick to nobody though.

>this type doesnt have a name


>how come this type doesn't have a name
It's literally called the "Hot Librarian."

god she's so hot

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How is it that in a show featuring perfect fantasy-world elves and women I end up attracted to her the most?
I'm not even a breast guy.

Well? What it is? It's not any dere, it's not a tomboy. Then what it is?

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And if She doesnt work in a library? How do you call the type then?

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Is this a girl?

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she's just fucking hot

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>how come this type doesnt have a name
It's called wife material.


Maybe you're just growing up and your tastes change alongside.

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>Also how come this type doesnt have a name.

Ever heard of "plain girl" OP?

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>can never get with hot childhood friend because he can never see her as anything but a mouth breathing retard

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where i'm from we call this type "grey mouse"

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>Also how come this type doesnt have a name.
It called being stardard

Shes just a regular girl, but takafumi is I think what you'd call a bakadere. At best.

it's called jimi like the girl in

Cause this girl can be found irl. So you actually may have a chance. 0.0000001% is better than 0.