Jujutsu Kaisen #195

Sakurajima Colony, Part 7. Dumping.

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shit fight to make makishit more special

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This arc has been shit, it's just the Bleach strat of "I don't know what to do so I'll invent more characters and hope it works out"

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h. 195 Preview:
>The desire to fight is now or never!
Author Comment:
>My kind readers won't compare the sale period of the DX Nichirin sword and the in-story timeline, right?

Dump done. What did you think?

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What is the in-story timeline?

Maki either trains with or fights the katana guy, getting a power up either way. Training would be kino though


Do you really need a new translation for killing intent freelanceanon

Is Nobara still dead?

>October 31st, around Midnight - The Culling Game begins
>November 1st - Kenjaku escorts civillians that don't want to participate in the CG outside the barriers
>November 9th - Yuji & friends meet up with Master Tengen and discuss the game
>November 10th - Yuji & Megumi find Hakari's fight club
>November 11th - Megumi receives a text for Yuji says he'll meet Hakari at 1:00
November 12th - Maki destroys the Zen'in Clan
November 12th, 11:28AM - Yuta kills Dhruv in Sendai & starts fighting the other jobbers
>November 12th @ 12PM - Yuji, Megumi, Panda & Hakari declare their participation
>November 12th, 12:11PM - Hakari meets Charles
>November 12th Yuji adds his rule allowing players to swap points after beating Higuruma
>November 14th - Maki meets up with Kamo in Sakurajima and runs into Curse Naoya
>November 19th around Midnight - Deadline to participate in the Culling Game
January - The 2 months that Kenjaku needs for the CG are up

That should be everything so far.