Blue Box #66

New chapter is out, dumping.

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>15 dollars per person
That cheap?

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I don't know much about hoopball, is this good or bad?

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I almost did a double take reading that lmao
>good or bad?
Considering he just won Finals MVP and is considered the best point guard in the NBA, I'd say thats probably good. even though Chinatsu's finishing form looks like its modeled closer to Reggie Miller or James Harden from the arm extensions

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She admits it. That's all for now.

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>I don't know much about hoopball, is this good or bad?
Good, but I guess that they used Curry because is more original than saying Jordan or Kobe.

>inb4 no progress for another 20 chapters

God she looks so hot here

Jesus, I'd pay 40000 yen to get this thing in my room

Literally a prostitute and a cheap one.

imagine passing this up for some some chick in baggy shorts

haryu's girlfriend is a piece of work

You can tell she's written by a woman, a walking contradiction who'll get mad at you no matter what you do.