Todd deserve permanent death, getting really annoyed of his shit, if only Subaru would kill him it would make good character development

Also for those of you who say Arc 7 is decent, you're coping, it's trash, every character we know and love is a child, the plot is zigzagged and we don't know where the story is going for sure

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OP is a complete faggot.

Any side story news yet?

eh emiliacucks? subaru only thought about Emiliese and Beatonin included(so not special) only once in this whole batch unlike rem where he keeps thinking of her

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>emilia out of nowhere
Rent free.

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No, probably only when they release the new volume.

He did abandon crippled amnesiac Rem in Gural, so the least he can't do is think of her.

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>Subaru: "It's tiring to be on edge all the time. ...If you’re asking me if I'm okay with it, I have a lot on my mind. If I could, I'd stay by your side forever."

>Rem: “Haah”

>Subaru: "An indifferent reply! No, I hope you don't just ignore it..."

>Although he was hurt by her indifference, the words he told Rem were his true feelings
>Leaving Rem behind in Guaral had caused him great agony right up until the last minute. Honestly, even at this very moment, he wanted to retract his previous statement, grab her slender arms, and take her away.
>How nice it would be for Natsuki Subaru to protect her from the hardships, sparks, and all kinds of bad things that could befall Rem within his reach.

>Subaru: "In fact, I'd like to tie you and I together with an unbreakable cord.”

>Rem: "Are you serious...?"

>Subaru: “Relatively.”


Are we blaming Subaru for getting raped by elderly ninjas and eldritch horrors now?
Are we blaming Subaru for shotafication, teleportation, and cursed island shenanigans now?

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That desperate posting....

That projection....

five posts in and you're already raging about the elf give it a rest

Shitposting so quickly, give it a rest already kiddo.

My reaction to this thread

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Best girl

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Oh deer my dear, no need for those tears and no need to fear, please show me your rear.

Tell me now. Is there a man among you here?
Is there no one who will stand up and try to fight?

>that thinly veiled rage

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I think that user is just calling it how they see it, your shitposting is petty and childish so calling you kiddo just feels like a natural progression after that also
It's very interesting how this image gets posted for the first time in the Kunoichi threads then hours later you save it for yourself and just start using it for epic smug reaction image, this isn't the first time you've done this either, you did this with Kengan, another poster posted Eddie in these threads to mock (you) and you start using unironically for yourself, I've reached only one conclusion, you don't care about Re:Zero, you don't care about Kengan and you don't care about any other series you use for reaction images, your whole existence on Any Forums is just shitposting and baiting and usually this would be the part where you prove me wrong but we both know you'll just end up proving me right
>inb4 "paragraph of seething/sperging" or some other variation