This is the most heterosexual shonen series in the last 30 years. No fujobait...

This is the most heterosexual shonen series in the last 30 years. No fujobait, lots of sexy women and lesbian is here for the male gaze.

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So why are the threads filled with fujospam before the anime even airs?

You forgot
>Author is a tranny

>No fujobait
Here, have a (you)

Did you miss all the shit between aki and angel?
sure there wasn't anything actually there but there was some damn heavy bait

>no fujobait

Is it better than Shaman King?

Makima should have been voiced by Robin from OnePiece

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>implying female characters are a good thing
Only maybe 1 out of 300 female characters is relatable or written well. Most of the time women are shit so having just another shounen MC surrounded by women is a bad sign but I will watch the first episode at least.

don't forget best VAs too

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didn't the katana guy wanted to fuck the trap angel guy?

eh, it was weak bait

in csm the female characters are actually good though

not with Angel and Aki.
SpyxFamily is more hetero than that.


never. and the so called trap angel was in love with a girl from his village

CSM has probably the most well written female characters in shonen in the last decade

>csm the female characters are actually good though
Which female character is actually well written

Stop projecting your repressed homosexuality onto these characters, your headcanon isn't real

Fuck off diaper

all of them. they have motivations and proper storylines which drive the narrative, which is exactly how you write a good female characters i.e. their gender doesn't bloody matter, it's the impact

>Aki and Angel talk to each other few times
Holy shit go back onepissers

Pretty much all of them.
Every single female character has distinct traits that suit their powers and designs. No copy pasted lazy shit, pure creativity
Some of the best this medium has to offer. Himeno, Makima, Reze etc. all of them are memorable for their impact in the story
Best villains in this manga are female characters, other Shonen can't even compete

They have screentime/plot relevance sure but they aren't actually well written. To be fair, hardly any csm character is well written.

alright fag. then enlighten me; which manga has well written characters according to you?