Dragon Ball Super

I miss Toyo already

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So what was Cell actually made of? I know he states that cell tissue from Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freeza and Cold was used in his creation but it's a bit vague as to what that means.

It could mean anything from him being a chimera grown from these cells to him being something completely artificial with the cells only providing data aiding the creation. I believe I used to think it meant he was some kind of hybrid clone, but he doesn't resemble any of the beings he's supposedly made from and his life cycle clearly doesn't match Saiyans or Namekians (and I doubt Freeza ever had to spend time as a larva). That and Cell Max is explicitly programmed and his insides resemble that of the androids from the Alien movies.

So I guess it's more likely he's like a... Pseudo-biological thing made from entirely artificial material and the cells are just like swirling around in there?

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Give me SSJ3 Goku's power
>b-but god forms are better
No they aren't they are all weaker.


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He was made by taking everyone's semen and then inserting it into one of Frieza's eggs. Basically IVF.

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HEY YOU, yeah you! You look pretty strong, let's fight!
>Goes SS and strikes the tranny janny's stomach.
>It screams in pain and drops to it's knees.
"That wasn't very fun. You aren't very strong at all. You should train more. You can't even defend against this"
>Kicks it in the head and it falls over, bloody and screaming.
"See? If you were any stronger you could easily block that. Heck, even Chi Chi can put up a better fight than you, and she is a real woman."
>Walks up to it.
"You need to work on your pain tolerance. Those attacks were very weak and here you are screaming. Hey! I have an idea! I will help you train your pain tolerance!"
>He squats and grasps its hand. Though he only pinched it with his fingers as though he was disgusted by it. He picks out it's pinky finger
"I'll start with this one, okay?"
"Please no, don't do it Goku"
"You're no fun"
>He rips its pinky finger off as he chuckles
>It cannot stop screaming in pain and shock as it gazes at it's mutilated hand
"Wow, you're still screaming? You are pretty pathetic, you little runt. I ought to beat you up even more."
>The tranny janny is screaming even louder
"Just shut up already, or this training session will be a waste of time"
>It keeps screeching
>Keeps on screaming
That's it. I told you to stop screaming. I warned you. I don't like it when people don't do as I say. I'm getting angry. Really REALLY angry!"
>The Tranny Janny can only utter 1 word between its wretched screeches
>Goku starts screaming at the top of his lungs, powering up.
>A flash of light appears around him, permanently blinding the tranny janny and burning its eyes
>Out of the light steps out Goku, in his super saiyan 5 form.
"I told you to shut up. You wouldn't listen. It's time to pay, you weakling."
>With a Kamehameha he eviscerates the tranny, which goes out with a piercing "ACK"

>someone handed him a rope

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>Freeza: /dbs/
>Gohan: Wanpissers
>Krillin: Buyfags
>Bejita: moeshitters

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Jiren FUCKS your bitch favorite character as well as your mind.

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>Goku: Toddlers who haven't been potty trained

Can Janet survive the dose?

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>Huh? whaddya mean he's never kissed his wife, doesn't he have 2 kids with her?

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When the fuck did everyone start calling Frieza Freeza? Is this some kind of psy-op?

Posting proper list because people are retarded:

Dr. Slump
Dragon Ball (anime)
Dragon Ball Kai
Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!!
Dragon Ball Super (anime)
Dragon Ball Super (manga)
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection "F"
Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
Goku's Traffic Safety
Goku's Fire Brigade
Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock
Dragon Ball Bardock: The Father of Goku
History of Trunks

>Not canon
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT (anime)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution
Dragon Ball Minus
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

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>Welcome to /dbs/ cafe, may I take your order?

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>Dragon Ball Evolution
>Dragon Ball AF
>Dragon Ball Multiverse
>Not canon
You have no idea what you are talking about.

Add Cashman as canon.

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I'm muttering variations of Jiren's name all day.

You forgot Friezypop 1 and 2 in the canon section.

Freeza not Frieza.
Bejita not Vegeta.
Vegerot not Vegito.
Little BITCH.

The only thing about that image that is correct is the use of the word "continuity" instead of "canon".

This makes no sense, no one would ever visit Vampa so the the diner would have no customers.


>Muffin Button
I snicker.
>Krillin OWNED counter
I chortle.
>Vegeta gives his average super saiyan speech
I chuckle loudly
>Guru says "NAAIIIILL"
I howl with laughter.
>Broly says "Pricess Trunks"
I scream with laughter.
>Piccolo tells Gohan to dodge
I cry with laughter.
>Mr Popo's rules
I die of laughter.

Everything on the menu

No it's Freezer not Freeza you retard.

I want to assault you.

Will toriyama ever draw a female character again that makes me furiously masturbate?

Even his Dragon Quest Woman suck now

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>three persons
>one Namekian
Bravo Toriyama.

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Quiet Jose, humans are talking.

A fresh glass of Cheelai's urine.

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Amigo... stop strangling your dick with your hand. Find yourself a woman and marry her.

I hate the grey Hits

Toriyama peaked with Debora.

I love the Gammas.

>Not a gif

Gohan and Videl don't have a lot of sex.
>"h-h-how would you know?!?!?"
They would have more children if they did.

No girlfriends sucks and maried to one makes me cringe
Jessica was good

Who is this guy? I watched every abridged episode, special and movie and I've never seen him before.

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And everything else in it.


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Just find yourself a woman who eats tacos with you, Hernandez.