its pretty bad when the best girl in the show is actually a boy.
why is komi so stale?

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komi is just the generic shy girl.

najimi is practically gyaru adjacent. transgressive but not completely off putting

gyaru are kino....

they are, but the japs are traditionalists who use fax machines.

one day, someones going to go on a rampage and fucking destroy all of them.

Why care about gender when he has managed to get your cock hard?
There is no shame in masturbating to a fictional all trap boy.

>Implying the gender is even hard to figure out
>Tfw retarded and mentally ill attention seekers from the west have to twist what was obviously meant to be a joke into a character trait (aka living trope of girl so manly as a kid now peoples are confused because of puberty and hormones)

She is just flat as a board, that hit to waist ratio in conjunction to the thigh gap and shoulder width make it apparent, notwithstanding the total lack of bulge and that feminine inguinal fold. Like its not even up to debate if you understand the slightest of things about human physiology. Just go fap to Asfolto you thirsty fucks.

best girl is komi's mom

>a boy

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Najimi is sex i dont care what anyone says

hmmm idk nigga, someone who dresses and acts, and even identifies as a boy while a kid is almost certainly a boy, changing gender is only something that happens later.

a tomboyish girl wouldn't be like, able to get away with wearing the male uniform for elementary/middle school

Also its fucking cringe inducing to see how the LGBT ''community'' jumped on that character, like reading the wiki page on her where they unironically use ''they'' pronouns is just awful, felt like I was reading about some schizophrenic character with two distinct personality rather than a tomboy.

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Do you even understand what puberty is? pic related

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so, i went on AO3 to see if there was anyone as based as me, and unfornately, when you look up tadano's sister, that little semen demon, I am the only one to do hitohito/hitomi fanfic. eveyrone else that uses hitomi is a fucking coward and only pairs her with Komi Shousuke.

couldn't even find a /ll/ story with komi shouko

>no one actually understands this character.
>using they/them or “Najimi”, when the joke is that he is both and should be referred to as both by switching how you call her every time.
Even the fucking manga gets this, but you retards don’t. Shameful.

...I also wrote 2 different fanfics about najimi being a public use slut. One at a glorhyhole, one just regular gangbang

The joke is that we don't know his gender. Even the author doesn't seem to know or care and draws him/her as whatever is convenient at the time

Najimi is cute! Cute!

The joke is that she is a female trap/tomboy, nothing else. Can't wait for the end of series post-highschool special where they show her with a huge pair of boobs and the others probe them trying to figure out if they're fake or balloons.

>The joke is that she is a female trap/tomboy, nothing else.
[citation needed]