Manime Thread:

Otokorashī anime and manga, filled to the brim with T.

No moeshit allowed!

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More like filed to the brim with cum.


Post your manliest panels

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Is dorohedoro manime? Nikaido is manly :)

More like fagime, why would I want to stare at a bunch of men fag? Anime is made for cute girl shows

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I like how you had to put someone other than the main character for Baki because it wouldn't fit your own criteria.

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>Is dorohedoro manime?
Pretty much seems like it.

I don't know why the MANga transformed from a seinen to a shounen. Shogakukan already had Monthly Sunday Gene-X and Big Comic, so why not transfer Dorohedoro? Was Dorohedoro that much more popular with edgy teenagers than it's adult target audience?

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Any Forums has forgotten the basics. So I shall remind you.

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What is a virgin schizo doing there ?

Kenshiro? I don't know about the bottom row, but the others on the top are confirmed to have scored.

In the bottom row, I recognize Geist.

>Real faces of manly anime
>Added Guts the blacked swordsman and Jojo shit
What did op mean by this?

>it's not manly because it's popular