How much progress does a romcom need to keep your interest?

How much progress does a romcom need to keep your interest?

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It can progress just fine as long as the comedy is still there and they arne't repeating the exact same things over and over making it predictable.

Kaguya sama was almost the perfect romcom, but then it just kept going. I think the key for any good manga is to know when to end it, Kaguya should have ended long ago instead of all the extra bullshit.

If I enjoy the characters I'm very tolerant towards no progression.

>I think the key for any good manga is to know when to end it
pretty much this, problem is that at the end of the day mangakas must bring food to the table so even if their whole work end up becoming garbage they would rather earn more money than ending it at the right time for way less.

you are posting picrel as an example of little or lots of progress?

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If it progresses too fast i lose interest

Try to look at it the other way: the problem begins with the LACK of progress.
I understand that we're reading a romantic story with teenagers, and that at that age we all had family problems, doubts, misundertandings, fears or a general lack of ideas about our life and the world around us, in some way or another.
But when you have a couple acknowledging themselves that they're in love, and the only reason this doesn't continues to it's conclussion in the way of openly dating or merely kissing it's because of some stupid, contrived series of events, for 50 chapters, 100 chapters, 200 FUCKING CHAPTERS LIKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT, then it's stops being tolerable and it's clearly a writer's (and editor as well) maneuver to create drama or funny hijinks for the sake of keeping the story going

THAT's when you lose interest
And we're not even talking about writing quality, but's for another thread i guess

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Main character should at least get married. Hand holding after 50+ episodes isn't a progress but a waste of time.

The perfect romcom exists, but Any Forums isn't reading it

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Good question.

I will read a few volumes/watch a few episodes to get the context. Then I look at the porn.

Start at platonic and then end in baby making sex, engagement, marriage, NTR, divorce and finally ending at suicide

romcom is a pretty gay genre in that seeing a couple get together is the main draw of the romance yet them actually getting together is only viable as an ending and there's not as much romance left to explore once they actually start fucking. So in the end, you end up with a counter-intuitive situation where the show/manga has to constantly blueball the readers just to keep going.

sex after the 3rd chapter
and after sex every 1 - 2 chapters

Progress is nice as long as it isn't stupid, but I'm also fine with something that has very little progress like Rumiko's stuff if the writing is funny enough.

Dont care post megumis ass

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about a third of the way through the series they should have both realized they like each other, they should be dating by around the half way point, and then towards the end have it get serious, with the most obvious route being a time skip showing their married life but other options are fine
the proper romance formula that no one follows. authors who drag readers along for hundreds of chapters over years, and then the reward at the end is just a confession and a kiss (or not even that!) should be publicly executed and their corpses should be left in a cage hanging in a prominent spot to deter that level of bullshit from ever happening again

Any manga can go as long as it wants so long as the characters and stories are fun

That's why harems like Love Hina and Nisekoi worked so well, lots of characters, lots of stories, didn't care about the main premise of childhood promise for most of it. The World God Only Knows is a legend for using all the formulas and rotating the premise


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