Choose your starter

Choose your starter.

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Misogi in a micro bikini

what do the evolutions look like

This is their fully evolved forms

I'll take the lvl 99 party

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Imagine picking anyone but Misogi.

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tell me about Misogi, why does she wear the leotard?

Easier to run from enemies. She's the most active of the three.

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Kyoka obviously.

The anime ruined everyone's personalities, Kyouka is the best LL.

Kyouka the piss goddess.

>Kyouka uses water
>Misogi uses fire (explosions)
Does Mimi use grass-related stuff?

>Attacks with a carrot
Kind off, yeah.


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I always pick the fire starter.

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>has to kiss her bomb to activate it
>they both blush
>bomb becomes enlarged

she's 11 you sick fuck

Isn't she 9?

Actually 9.

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Even better.

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