Is waging war really so bad? It boosts the economy

Is waging war really so bad? It boosts the economy.

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and forces technology to advance several times faster than in peacetime.

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I love war, I crave war, I wish for war, I want to see people dying, whenever I see the news and hear about an impending war, I pray to god to see missiles flying and nukes exploding. I WANT TO SEE THE COLLAPSE OF CIVILISATION.


It in fact does not boost economy or technological development. This should be obvious even to you retards as production facilities are getting bombed and bright mind slaughtered in the front lines there's no way things are gonna advance faster.
Now obviously military development will be faster because the military spending suddenly becomes a majority of the GDP increasing military R&D budget as well.

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Disappointed this post didn't end with wanting to fuck War.

Oh yes I'm sure Ukraine is totally advancing its science technology sectors any minute now.

Russia is fucking rich now bro with all the price hike

Yes they played the rest of Europe like a fucking fiddle. Now just wait for winter to start and for Germany begging them to pit the gas back on so they don't freeze to death.

Christ... this is so hot....

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Do you know anything about the economy except for what you've heard in a video game? Ukraine's economy is on life support and Russia's is getting assfucked (by the sanctions though, not the war itself).

No it isn’t. If you’re talking about the ruple, that’s artificially inflated because people aren’t being allowed to change their currency out for others and no imports. Both factors boost ruple value, however this is inflated and doesn’t actually represent the economy. To get an actual value you’d need to look at the black market forex.

Russia being cut off from accesss to materials they need to build, create and produce things is a negative to their economy. Inflation is also rising in multiple industries.

I didn't know we were at war in the last 50 years.

All Europe has to do is to simply stop their sanctions. but they won't do it since they're bunch of prideful morons who prefer saving face over saving their own struggling citizens.

dropping soda bottles from drones

>Russia being cut off from accesss to materials they need to build, create and produce things is a negative to their economy.
Russia is the source of those materials.

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Asa doesn't have that proportions

Let's see them build their own missiles to replenish what they've spent then. They can't even make their own drones.

>Russia being cut off from accesss to materials
Russia is THE exporter, you moron.

When one rises, the other will fall.

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>Russia are those materials

Most of the technology sector is imported. Russia doesn’t make its own semi conductors, chips etc. the only thing russia is really known for exporting is oil and some other products which a lot of other countries also have. Good luck getting the advanced technological components without the west. Planes, tanks, cars etc all require western cooperation to continue.

who do you think turns these materials into actually usable components
hint: not Russia lol

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JK sex

You’re actually an idiot. Russias technology sector is heavily imported. No country on the planet is self sufficient. Almost every country has an entire industry that heavily imports materials that is required. The only thing russia has that the EU wants is oil. Even then their are other oil producers.

This isn’t even going into EU doesn’t even get All of its oil from russia.

I now support war.

more like Tsurumi

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>production facilities are getting bombed
Most aren't
>bright minds slaughtered in the front lines
Scientists don't go to the front lines user
If you're better at doing something else than fighting in the army then you won't just be thrown away like the common soldier, at least not in non-conscription armies
These are both arguments that assume a very simplistic view of the world, most big technological advancements were made during war time, or during a time humans were threatened by war, because then the government's forced to spend more money on things that it could use to kill people more effectively, including making sure their own personnel survive

Ok mate, enjoy your oil, electricity and energy :)