Isekai Yakkyoku

New episode in 5 minutes

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where to watch?

kill jannies

Can it be considered /ss/ if the kid is actually an old man isekai'd?

Nice episode. I'm a sucker for this kind of shit.

I hope they're not skipping everything as far as the next episode title suggests and just re-ordering things.
This was from the middle of the plague arc in the LN, v2ch9. Today's episode was just v2ch3, I think.

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Did he stick it in the loli?

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Good episode

Wonder if the commoner guild is going to go after this newly opened pharmacy as well.

No, they just straight up skipped it.

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Fuck this gay anime for skipping all the interesting bits.

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>no loli butt stuff
we was robbed

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What does a little girl's butt have to do with her lung infection?

Between this and Ayashii Maid it's a good season for shota
I like isekai that are written by women. Cute and slow and relaxing. And then whenever action happens it gets resolved in seconds and everyone stands around talking about how neatly things have been wrapped up before the plot can continue. Comfy. Bookworm is the same.

tylenol up the butt

Would a van Leeuwenhoek microscope be able to catch a virus?

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He literally made one in an earlier episode.

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Yeah, and tubercolosis is a bacterial infection. Viruses are way tinier.

The guild master has a good fucking point.

I bet you think bacteria and viruses are the same thing.

oh right, you said virus.