Isekai Ojisan

Why doesn't Takafumi have Uncle do an elf ASMR stream? I bet it would be a hit.

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Also, has anybody uploaded the Vol. 8 leaflet? If not, I can do it.

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Ah, the other isekai.

Why don't he just point a fucking camera at ojisans memory playback window and upload it on the youtube


The Vol 8 leaflet included when you buy the thing at Melon, Gamers or Animate. It's like 3 pages, but still. Figured some of you guys might want to see them if they haven't been uploaded already.

They bring this up in the manga. They decide it would be too graphic and the viewers would complain

Why doesnt ojisan just transmute material into gold using magic to solve all his financial issues?

Don't think I've seen that, so sure user, thanks.

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Tubers do ASMR streams all the time. Given the time frame the manga is currently at, and them already figuring out that Elf money is a viable route to (enhanced) success, they could do something like them ear cleaning streams where Auntie takes gentle care of her fans.

Ojisan has his pride. He will keep doing high quality content, even if relying on low effort coomer bait is more profitable.

Here goes. Super rough, but it's also just like 3 pages, so I didn't feel like spending too much time on it. Cover first of course.

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That cover definitely isn't ominous at all with those skeletal hands creeping up on Sui.

Anyway, thanks user.

its where she beats the shit of undead with knuckles

Knuckles was there and Uncle didn't notice?

pfft. Thanks user.
It's another version of this panel, just with her tongue sticking out.

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this is the way

Oh I am aware. It's just weird to me that the skeletal hands in the corners are in the foreground, while the rest of the skeleton/the events of volume 8 are in the background.

Maybe the Elf=dead theorists have just corrupted my mind though.

user this isn't a prelaunch MGSV thread. You don't have to read into things so much. Kojima isn't real, he can't hurt you.