How is this allowed?

How is this allowed?

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Oh you mean the cringe facial expression or the ugly blurry arms?
>Looks under the robe

It's funny. Like haha joke

For me, it's Goku.

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Shonen manga used to be a lot more wild and silly than it is now

He's canonically nopan

child penis:funniest shit
child pussy:you're going to jail

Not anymore actually.

Goku for example, Toei’s most recent re-released DVD and BD boxes of Dragonball censors little Goku’s dick, it’s pixelated. Naked kid humor is a no-no now in Japan.

>censors little Goku’s dick
Soulless. Censorship is a mistake.

I hope I live to see more enlightened times

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This is now a Gash / Zatch Bell thread.

What do you think of the sequel so far anons?
Anything in particular you want to see out of it?
Any fears or concerns or initial criticisms?

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he's cute and if you think a naked kid is sexual, it's you who is the problem, not the naked kid

but on another note - what a horrible cast
my mars 3 could to so much better than this jfc

Man's standing in the Hirohito pose

Even Doraemon's Shizuka scenes did nothing for me
All these were like "ha, yeah, nothing more embarrassing than being seen naked" and stuff

I think its good so far
My biggest worry is it just becomes a rehash of the first if they can't get their spells back soon enough and if they can't retrieve their allies

I still haven't read it, because I'm currently taking my time re-reading, but basically this I trust in Raiku, however. I actually kind of hope he won't make it very long. Original only got better as it progressed, but it was a complete story. I don't know how much he's got in store and how far it could feasibly carry without feeling contrived. What I want to see is just how everyone has changed (or not changed, like if Naomi is still an abomination and such)

If anything I worry about the opposite: If the old team gets back together and they have all their spells again so soon, then what is there to do? The progression of getting new spells as their characters develop is sort of key to the original manga's progression.

My preference would be that if anything, the old cast isn't the focus and only gets slowly introduced, with the emphasis being on new characters. This preserves that dynamic while also allowing the powerscaling to not be insane, and for the few times Gash or Brago or Kanchome does show up, for it to be a big moment and memoriable, and for the plot to be a bit more mysterious since most characters won't know what's going on.

But that doesn't seem to be what we're getting. What we've had so far is good but it's still really too early to draw conclusions.

Where's this month chapter

suzume is coming back... right bros?

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There's nothing new though. If there was a new form of progress it would be one thing but we already know all their spells.
Baoh is a little much but I'd be fine if they got nearly everything else back fairly soon
Also if they took other demon's spells for a while it could be interesting. It would be fun to see him have kyanchome's transform or something for a while

raiku skipped august because of the art exhibition thing

Who? We're more likely to see Kiyo's wife and fellow demon partner Megumi

Suzume and kiyomaro will be happily married

We missed a chapter because Raiku decided a art galley show was more important.

>What do you think of the sequel so far anons?
havn't read, I never seen a reason for it to have a sequel, the story concluded well as far as I was concerned.