Luminous Witches

What do you guys think of this anime? It feels so soulless compared to the rest of the series

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At least you can post about it on Any Forums.

I don't hate it, the story is no worse than usual and the girls are cute. I'd trade the music for aerial combat anytime, though.

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It's the same boring idol formula I've gotten tired of in 2015 but somehow they're still doing it. Except this time they put a coat of paint from a franchise I love on it, which actually makes it even worse. I stopped watching once it seemed like they weren't trying to do anything interesting.

It's a decent enough idol anime, though nothing really exciting. As a Witches anime it's absolute dogshit though

Todays episode is boarded by Kawabata Takashi and Saeki, and directed by Miyamoto Yukihiro. Should be good.

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kiwi-flavoured soup

I haven't watched other Strike Witches shows, but I'm an idolfag and I'm pretty bored by it. Currently like 4 episodes behind.

i love idols and i love strike witches but for some reason i couldn't stand this. part of it is the annoying animal mascots for sure

Watchalong of episode 8 in 50 minutes, hop to cytu be/r/Helmarathon

I'm sort of impressed you're still asking that when people have been giving their opinions every week. Sometimes I feel like there are bots here. Well, here's the usual review, still incredibly meh show, not bad but by no means good either.

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I love it. This is a season where all the TV Idol anime are good.

Idol Anime is SOUL.

The worst thing about this show is a shitty op continuing to create shitty threads with provocative OP posts.

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All idol anime are great every season! It's impossible to make cute girls dancing and singing bad

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Nah. It's the retarded newfag shitposter crying about how it's "woke" and for little girls/women, using the presence of the familiars as evidence when the familiars have been there in non-anime material of the franchise, so they were never completely discarded. LW is just the first anime to use them since the pilot prototype OVA

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It really is a shame her voice is so shit.

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I think it’s full of soul and I see the passion of the director who worked on the best episodes of Strike Witches on display. I love that he connected it back to his episode 6 of the original last week.

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Last call for watching together, starting in 10 minutes at cytu be/r/Helmarathon

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I can't believe Milasha's fucking dead

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I like idol shows. I love World Witches. And I love fanservice. When I first heard about LW, i was hyped as hell, and thought Shaft would deliver, even though I'm not a studio fag and knew that depending on the actual staff, things can go south hard.
But I never expected the series to have crap animation, no decent idol performances, and zero fanservice all in in.
Let's say it's the disappointment of my life when talking about anime.

Swimsuits episode?

You're right. He is here:

What a problematic shot.

Why are they censoring their feet with loafers? The water is going to ruin the shoes.

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Little girl show tier.
The familiars are not the reason the show is for women or little girls, they are just one of the things that target them.

She's so hot for some reason.

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>Little girl show tier
Literal cleavages and bikini bottoms:

The garbage quality of the thread doesn't help either, with its 3+ dedicated shitposters.

I have to ask. What are our favourite Idol groups and songs?


Prophetic. Best episode so far.

>Still sucking pro-censorship, normalfag pandering dick
As expected.

There is only one group, and it's called Musical Band Luminous Witches.