Lycoris Recoil


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>leave Chisato's heart to me!

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ChisaTaki is cute but OP is still a fag.

Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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Takina's panic voice...

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what is she pondering

>Would you form a gay couple with a crippled black man just for the sake of furthering the aims of the organization you belong to?

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Who are you quoting?

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Lycoris & LilyBell over the age of 18 become Sybil Enforcers

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That classic meme pic of the couple being interviewed while sharing an umbrella IIRC.

Lycoris over the age of 18 become maids

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I like the hag in the middle

Takina drinking Chisato's vaginal juices.

Will Chisato live? Will the anime end with her alive, happy and genki in LycoCafe with Takina?

I don't have any hopes for this. The death flags are very strong and there doesn't exist a second artificial heart in the world to save Chisato. But I want to believe

I'm starting to think that Lycoris don't get to go over the age of 18.

>there doesn't exist a second artificial heart in the world to save Chisato.
Yeah I'm sure daddy didn't spend 10 years improving the technology to make a heart that would last the rest of her life, that would be unthinkable.

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Reminder that Majima killed Chisato when he blew up the tower.

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I want to know the crazy gimmick Cygames and P.A. Works has planned for that maid anime

Can you give Mika an Artificial anus while you are at it?

Someone has to become management.

>a gay couple raised their foster child to be gay as well
Many such cases!

What do lycoris maids do?

She already had the heart then.

Chisato never existed.

URESHII (but inwardly I cry)

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Majima will save her.

How's Joker gonna react when he hears his cute wife Chisato is dying in 2 months?

He need to pay for his sins by giving her his heart.


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Sacrifice Majima for yuri happy ending.

>genki character is actually the most depressed and actually just coping
every time
just like me in high school

Her breakdown when Takina saves her is going to be as delicious as Takina's parfaits. And probably look just as unfortunate.

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She literally represents the yurifags.

The yuri fields shall be nurtured with the blood of males

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Majima is a yuri shipper as well.

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Chisato will give birth to Majima's child (girl) who will also engage in yuri before also having a child, the cycle will continue.

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Imagine Chisato underneath her while she spreads her yuri pussy.

It really hurts.
The way Chisato resigned herself to her fate almost on the verge of childish selfishness.

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Majima is a yaoiCHAD first before a dyke killer. He will fix Mika & Shinji's relationship before the season ends.

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Anxiously wanting at her tear filled face screaming ''I WANT TO LIVE'' at Takina

Heki hechara...
...all over again.

It would be extremely painful.

compile all Chisato Chisato's

>DA raid on Joker's hideout
Joker will harm Takina, and Chisato will regret not killing him.

He already reacted by stealing the second heart from evil cult daddy

>Will the anime end with her alive, happy and genki in LycoCafe with Takina
Yes. She will die later off-screen but we will never personally see her dying so it is OK.

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>Joker will harm Takina
Joker won't hurt Takina because he's going to give Takina the means to save Chisato.

I hope the evil assassin secretary survives the show.