Name a bigger hack in manga history

Name a bigger hack in manga history

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The guy who did the Red Hood and wasted that gold nugget of a character



I hate Isayama but Oda is the definition of the word hack

Give it up SnKeks, no amount of doomposting will convince people that you didn't get one of the shittiest story endings in this decade of manga.

90% of the story and drama happened only because a character that we never meet had the power to erase the memories of people and then had the same people isolated from the rest of the world for a century.

I don't know about the writing, but Sandro is definitely a fatter, rounder hack than Sticksayama

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Japs can't write stories nor characters

Isayama somehow managed to make the "omnipotent psycopath loli goddess" thing lame as fuck by making her a Stockholm syndrome bitch with oneitis for BIG FRITZ COCK

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They got a shitty story from the start, these are the remnants of the last wave of plebbitors who watched S3 as the manga was using another mystery box bullshit.

And given the scale of his powers that entire move was unnecessary from the get go.

Definitely Oda.

Naruto was so much worse for the majority of its story while snk was good until the final arc, but the ending for snk was so bad I can't help but think even naruto is better

What's he doing now?

>until the final arc
Bygone bait. Get better

How the fuck did Shit Catcher and BEST DAD manage to live this long?

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>snk was good until the final arc
SnK was never good. You can argue that the setting was interesting, or the genreal idea behind it, or even the characters. But the thing as a whole never meant anything, it never went anywhere to begin with.
That being said, most battle shounen out there aren't any better.

Why is Oda called a hack so frequently nowadays? I haven't read OP since Punk Hazard

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>Why is Oda called a hack so frequently nowadays?
Because he's a terrible "artist" and an even worse writer?

Naruto's early arcs are the best in shounen, aotards cope was the real story starts 2/3rd in the manga and everything before was just a prologue.

the jjba guy

Funniest shit ive ever seen

>Shit Catcher
nothing good got serialized in 2013 except World Trigger

Once SnK ditched the whole survival horror story for cheap schlock (but still entertaining) in favor of boring politics inside the walls, it started to get worse and worse. Arguably even before that, when Eren turned into a titan himself and effectively rendering the titans menace meaningless

Same thing that happened to snk and shounenshit, people are enjoying theories more than discussing the manga then they get mad when the shounen manga stays a shounen and their theories remain just that