What does Any Forums think of reverse Asumi-chan?

What does Any Forums think of reverse Asumi-chan?

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Is this the one where her friends pay her for sex? I liked the first chapter I read so far.

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Why is prostitution okay when it's yuri?

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Terrible artist, everyone has balloon tits

>big tits
You say this as if it's a bad thing.
Also this manga is hot and sexy, we need more of this kind of stuff

>You say this as if it's a bad thing.
Cause it is. Unless you want to look at the same ugly shit, then be my guest.

new chapter in 5 hrs 20 mins

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At least he drew them realistically sagged

>offering less money than the first girl
How cheap will our MC go?

>be a cute lesbian prostitute by accident
>your clients are guaranteed beautiful girls
>don't even have to promote yourself, your "service" is spread via word of mouth
I'm so envious of her
She's playing on easy mode compared to Asumi-chan

Pedo thread. Do not post any further.

>At least he

Asumi hasn't realized she can just be the prostitute and meat Mai at the company lounge.

>reverse Asumi-chan
Wouldn't that be yaoi?

Yuri is pure so you basically it's like you didn't have sex at all and got the money for free

Fuck. Am I getting cancelled now?

is this written by that person who wrote the timetravel one? where the OL went back in time and had a threesome with her younger self and her senpai?

I like it so far. The author's last series was sexy as fuck so I have high expectations for this.

I guess so mangaupdates.com/author/4821jbv/hinohara-fuki

all his stuff I've seen is nice

When the fuck did all these yuriwhores started appearing, yuri is supposed to be the purest form of love.

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>post Itou Hachi's work
itou hachi is menace!

why can't i have female friends who pay me to fuck them
note, rhetorical, don't answer that

Itou sensei is a treasure and i'll gladly be her patron when i become a millionaire.