Lovely Complex

this is an anime for most of us

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I enjoyed the trap and the first opening


Their heads are smaller than the height difference, which according to this image makes their heads around 10-12cm tall.
The iPhone 13 is 14.6cm, the Samsung 14.4cm

Their heads are therefore much smaller than the size of a regular phone.

Hole your phone up at a mirror and see just how retarded that image is.

>most of us
speak for yourself, manlet

I genuinely doubt there's anyone browsing Any Forums this short, 156cm for a guy is a stretch
I never bothered watching the anime but I always thought it was just a 170cm dude dating a 185cm girl or something, now that I know she's shorter than me I lost all interest, I can no longer self insert.

I like the friend with the boobs.

>170 cm
That's still smaller than me, even back in school. It felt pretty average, and I don't think we were a school full of lanklets.

>tfw he's taller than me


Why do they make 170 look so tall. I've only meet a handful of women my height and I'm only 184

>I'm only 184
that's a giant in Japan

>the girl might actually reach my shoulder
>tfw 192cm
Kek, there is no such thing as men under 5.11(180),dating apps prove that.

The show is not that good. I've seen dense male main characters, but this one is straight retarded. The writing isn't terrible, but it is forgettable.

>most of us
You wish, manlet

>most of us
I refuse to believe I'm posting on a board full of manlets. If you're not at least 180cm you do not belong here

I'm 182cm, sure would go down well with japanese ladies lol.

No i'm 173cm :3

The show was great until the NTR part. That was unforgivable.

Good show.

Uh? I don't recall this, but again, it's been a while

You don't? They even broke up for it.