Monster Musume

I love this snek
That is all

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>snake cloaca

Dropped it when it was on hiatus in 2018. Are new chapters worth picking up?

never watched it but the snek is cute

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s2 never

Consider this slime.

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My favorite is Lala.
She's the best.

Why does the snek have long ears?

They could be better, but at least it has been getting new chapters.


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for me, spider

Oviparous waifu gang

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you didn't love her enough to make that sequence a high quality vp9 webm

Doppel is the Superior Girl

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I want more monster girl anime and manga.

Based. Things like Iishuzoku reviewers does not satisfy my craving for snake titties

wow best girl is coming!

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If you really thought she was best girl, you would have given her canonical tits.

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Papi the puffy harpy.

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Also, spider.

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