Fairy Tail

You raffed at a GOD. You thought it was funny. Well, who's raffing now?

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isnt it convenient that fairy tail has godslaying magic in a world with no present gods to slay? almost as if the magic is looking for prey.

The JOBs not done.

He's a fake, an imposter.

Ankhseram will be the big bad of the next sequel.

That translation said your god kneels to mystery niggas.

I hope Gajeel stays down.

YuriTheoryCHADS, we're back just like that.

>God Serena/Yuri joins the alchemists to bring his dead wife Rita back to life

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But do the gods know why his majesty didn't love his own child?

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It's been a bumpy road but I've always believed in the man blessed by the dragon gods.

I want god Serena to be the big bad of the next arc since I always thought his antics were interesting but I also want gajeel to get a power up cause the main 5 characters are the ones always getting wanked. I don't know if I can win no matter what.

I tuned into Mashima's stream last night just in time to see him sketching the big lug himself.

Fuck forgot the picture.

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Similar for me. It'd be nice for Gajeel to get some love, but on the other hand God Serena is such a dork I wouldn't mind him sticking around.

>Leave kek Serena to me

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Fuck Gajeel. He doesn't deserve Levy.

>job serena

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This time Mavis isn't around to kill her.