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Imagine being Nami’s servant.

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>zeus is the final straw hat

Why would anyone put up with her terrible attitude? I’d beat her fucking ass for acting the way she does.

You wouldn’t do shit weak fuck.

Did Izo even know Kiku was a woman?

At this point I just knew he’ll be above Sanji once he joined the crew.

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>Did Izo even know Kiku was a woman?

I would love for my face to be her personal chair

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Thought this was a wheelchair from the thumbnail

>I’d beat her fucking ass for acting the way she does.
She stole part of the soul of emperor, shit talked another, after previously surviving his attack and 1v1 the guy who got credit for taking the two aforementioned emperors down. You'd go down easy, user.

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imaging hugging, holding hands, and kissing that

Nami was raped by Arlong. Hard pass.

Same. I wondered what kind of depraved stuff Ace must to done to put that poor innocent child in a wheelchair.

imagine not being part of the Straw Hat crew

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Can we all just take a minute to congragulate Oda and appreciate his accomplishments breaking new ground and writing the best shounen romance in history? It's so natural and just works, It doesn't come across as forced like Naruto, Bleach and Dragonballs we're purely for the sake of having a new generation regardless of the quality and developments of the relationships.

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Couldn’t be Carrot

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What the fuck..user? This is a blue board.

this is pretty gross

>Couldn’t be Carrot

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What the fuck is this scaling?

She has no grace
She has no style

Do I get "rewards"?

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This mink has a bunny face.

She has no style!
She has no grace!
Carrot! Stop masturbating!
There's a time and a place!

Nami spitting on you…
Nami calling you degrading names…
Nami using your face as her toilet seat…
Nami taking her aggression out on you as her personal punching bag…

Based empathetic Carrotbro, feeling bad for the yamatrannies and tamapedos.

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Why is Oda making him job like this? He was supposed to be even more of a chad than Kizaru.

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After all these years of her being an honorary Strawhat similar to Vivi, Momo and Kinemon it would be strange if she didn't get any send off at all, It really makes me think Carrot is up to something. She's been shown to be the stowaway type before and just becouse she was entrusted with a responsibility to the minks doesn't mean she will actually go through with it and accept. Her entire ending just seemed too abrupt for a character of her position.

I would be in heaven

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Based Absalom still thinking about his tangerine wife even in the afterlife.

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imagine Nami or Robin giving you a lap pillow

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he got his ass whooped by the commies, we already knew he was a jobber

I don't think he cared.
Izo was a lot more worldly, happier and knew himself.
Kiku was just being herself and Izo was just happy to see her.

Did we ever get the final page of the Uta manga?

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That could be said for every character in Wano except Sanji


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how much should have been doffys bounty?

>It really makes me think Carrot is up to something.
Checked. Pic related.
>B-but this time it’s different because the minks weren’t there for the goodbye either!
Yeah no shit. It would be too, TOO fucking obvious to have the minks present for the goodbye at the end of Wano and Carrot is mysteriously gone. We’d naturally assume, “okay yeah she snuck on this time.” Oda left them out so we can keep guessing.

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So no way Blackbeard let him live with his DF, which makes me wonder what happened to Perona who went to get him. Would Oda have the balls to put Perona in a pirate sex dungeon/brothel or will he pussy out.

100 million

Except her not getting an onscreen good bye would be consistent with how Oda treated her during Wano. Her joining after all that is what would be weird

I want to believe that Moria was going to just fight to the death there, but Perona showed up and they went with the compromise of both joining Blackbeard. The rape dungeon scenario works as well.