Hibike Euphonium! is the best KyoAni animation by far...

Hibike Euphonium! is the best KyoAni animation by far. It's not the most popular or the cutest but it's has the best drama which makes it their best work.

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Also, pantyshots.

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Best yuri show in the last decade.

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you can't see any panties perv

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i like it a lot, whats your favorite part about the show? who's your favorite character and why?

Doesn't matter. Yuri is not real.


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Mizore drama and Natsuki's mediocrity in the movie. My favorite character is Mirei because she has short hair and is tall and timid.

It has barely any drama. It's boring.

also best girls

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>yuribait-without-any-real-yuri #5466567
i'm just glad kyoanus is dead

laat thread someone called kumiko two faced, i know she hides a piece of herself from the public but that wouldnt have to be two faced right?

Am I too old for this board for correctly acknowledging Clannad as KyoAni’s magnum opus?

4th greatest heterosexual love story ever told

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sadly, yes

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What are the top 3? Please don't say Toradora.

3. ******* ** ******
2. Clannad
1. Eureka Seven
The top two are interchangeable depending on what mood I’m in.

all the faggots that haven't seen clannad should be ashmed, for me is k-on, but clannad is in there

Clannad still feels quite new to me. I am that old. Years fly by now.

I still remember hot summer 2015 like it was yesterday.

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