Why does Any Forums hate Sora Amamiya again?

Why does Any Forums hate Sora Amamiya again?

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I don't. I am indifferent to this woman's existence, which I was unaware of entirely until this post.

Who is that whore and why should I care about her?

Because she won't have sex with me.

>Any Forums is one person

I can't imagine her face crying Kazuma Kazuma as if her pathetic life is about to end. They should release videos of the VAs working as extras with the BDs.

Maybe it is because she voices a lot of popular characters, and f/a/ggots love to hate on popular things?

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Her parents named her after the Kingdom Hearts fag? I feel bad for her.

She did jav

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Oh no

No one likes you

She did? How did you find that info?

No wonder she's typecasted as whores

Come on user, Miko-chan is a pure girl. We all know that little brothers don't count so she's not a whore.

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I remember fapping to some JAV while discussing about who is best girl on a Konosuba thread (as you normally do) and I found a girl that looked a lot like that. That was like 2 years ago, maybe I actually found her on accident? That would be funny

I don't hate her as much as I hate Jamie Marchi.

But I guess I can chalk it all up to hating on creators of these bitch-ass franchise and their bitch-ass decisions to have shounen leads in these franchises die as virgins. FUCK THEM.

i've never seen her mentioned before and I'm here 12 hours a day
this thread is bait

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I like her now

I can't discern a jap from another jap so for me every jap was in jav

I don’t hate anyone