Did you get your much needed rest? Good because you have arrived to the last day of MOGRA 13th anniversary. As hara put it: "Day 3 - CHAOS." So grab your favorite drink, snacks and certainly water because we are going to end tonight with a bang! So everyone lets wish MOGRA a happy birthday and as well as...


14:00 chefoba
14:50 beatrooper
15:40 kei。
16:30 Naohiro Yako
17:15 Mura
18:00 AZK
18:50 D-YAMA
19:40 Hasshy
21:10 kz(livetune)

For more info: /2022/08/28/4600/

For the Anons, Janitors and Mods that doesn't know what Mogra is.
MOGRA is a stream of UNTZ in a club from Akiba.
It's an otaku club. Pretty much all the music played is OP and ED remixes of ANIME series.
Any Forums has been streaming it from quite some time and it even has stickies in New Years Day. (Sticky I) (Sticky II)

Anison Matrix returns next Saturday (9/3) at the usual time with three guest DJs. Until then, get plenty of rest!

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get in here fagets


I didn't get any sleep!!!

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howd everyone sleep? i passed the fuck out after day 2.5

7 hours of sleep, feels great to be up at 8 am on a sunday morning

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Alright, I stayed up, fuck you guys, I'm unbelievably drunk.

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Im ready for CHAOS

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Starting off sleepy.

Tried to nap and ended up sleeping until just now. Guess I'm up.

god speed to user's liver

>Sunday morning
Time traveler what is the future like?

eating midnight breakfast despite waking up 10 hours ago, lets do this shit kz


Lets IKZ!

Already at Day 3. Where has the time gone? Let’s enjoy it friends. We won’t meet again until the New Year.

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I'm gonna need some fucking bangers this shit is putting me to slepp. I get that it's nice to ease into it but I'm dying here.

bets on if this user will be more or less drunk than DE DE MOUSE when he gets on!

Sora no woto?

why must you all bully kaoschan?
your ears must tell you it's very kaotic right now, but still

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There's a new year on the first saturday of every month?

Agreed, 1 AM here I can use some energetic music to accompany my vodka. As much as I like jazz.

It'll be like the blink of an eye
I'll still miss you though

i slept a little bit longer then expected, did i miss anything crazy?

we're in the ultra speed universe. time has sped up significantly. I have no idea how to stop it. HELP

the chef is cooking up a comfy start, you're good

As long as I can die with Any Forums I won't be afraid

7 minutes of the most mind blowing anison I've ever fucking heard

This music kind of reminds of the latest animal crossing game.