Does she wear panties?

Does she wear panties?

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It's all steel anyway

I don't get the trope of human size androids being so heavy, it's not like they're not a solid piece of metal, they're mostly empty space vs humans that are mostly water.

According to the figma she wears bloomers and one of the resin kits has her wearing lingerie underneath. Pick your poison.

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An android is just a human-sized computer and would just as heavy if not heavier than a human.

Found it.

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Roger and Dorothy are my very favorite anime romance. They are actually my favorite fictional romance ever.

It's almost the only fictional romance that has ever felt "real" to me. Like, that I could tell these two people were legitimately in love. That there was that spark, that fire, between them.

So many romances have come and gone, in anime and other media of fiction, but almost none of them have given me the impression that Roger and Dorothy have.

It feels like real love, in a way that so many other fictional romances don't. It's hard to explain why, but I can tell.

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There's plenty of romance and couples in other anime from the same genre and era done just as well but yes dorothy and roger are very good.

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energy is heavy

Assuming that they're fully mechanical the frames are usually what weigh the most. Probably being made out of a dense alloy. It's also just done for comedic effect depending on the series, big o being one of them.

Until it is proven that she does, no.
This applies to every character wearing a dress/skirt.

See and

can anyone explain to me the underground mini city in episode 4?

Why would she? She's a child after all(I don't know who she is)

>a pero is fine too

There's a big sign that says "EXPO 04", I'm guessing it's some kind of convention center buried underneath the city where they were showing off future plans for the city before the cataclysm. Archetype was there as part off it to show off what was new megadeus technology at the time. It was there lying doormant for years before schwarzwald or dorothy set it off.

She has no pleasure/pain senses made for her android body. Any attempt at doing her will just have her with the same indifferent look.

So if I cum on her face she won't have a reaction?

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She's 18.

She wouldn't mind but would likely call you out for being perverted.

that was lies though

Not him but it was made pretty clear she can't feel pain physically or is just insanely good at not showing it since she didn't react to getting shot by alan gabriel.

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