People waited many years and begged for season 2

>people waited many years and begged for season 2
>season 2 drops
>no hype whatsoever

What went wrong?

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someone has to have that image strip of Maou and Emi that ends with Chiho

anime makers are just really dumb

Best girl wins again. Tsun Bitches BTFO

They are just mad that the violent masculine girl lost to the best girl. They are just homosexuals.

that's how hype works. when will you twitter tourists learn?

Because it's nothing ever happens: the series.

Is it just me or is there way more QUALITY than in the first season?

>what went wrong
they ruined it

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The girl is annoying, it’s obvious she’s only in the story to pull our MCs together

Best girl won but the baby shit is trash
Dropped it right there

Qualitybros....we got too cocky

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it looks like they used too many line tools or something on the second one, all the lines look too perfectly shaped, no soul

nostalgia is powerful

Because the only fans left after 20 volumes of EmixMaou are Emifags and the LN didn't end with EmixMaou so there is no fan left.

As an Emifag, I'm frankly more concerned with the quality drop of season 2 than I am with Chiho winning the Maou-bowl.

I dropped this just because of the boring fat girl

The magic baby kinda makes thing awkward and nothing interesting is happening.

Why don't they just eat the baby and absorb it's strength?

Why did White Fox throw out a perfectly fine IP like that and hand it over to some literallywho studio? For what purpose? Did Re:Zero actually make them dumber?

the show is like trying to promote anti-bady making

The comedy only worked for me on the first episode of S1. Everything after went downhill.

WHY do fucking retard authors even try to put baby characters in their stories
Watching a human larva be retarded and loud is not funny, it's not adorable, it's just fucking annoying and adds nothing to the show whatsoever

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Clannad hit a home run with that concept so everyone since then has been trying to recapture it, and they can’t.

>everyone loves le baby... and she has OP powers!
this shit is ground 0 of writing, I just skipped every scene with her

Wait the baby has powers? Sounds funny.

The baby thing in episode 1 made me immediately drop the show. The fact it was setting up romantic tension with Emi and Maou when I know that wasn't happening just felt so like such a waste of time