I hate gay people

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yet you are a faggot. Curious...

I want to fuck Shinji deep and hard

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They're annoying as fuck but I'm green with envy too. Imagine never having to put up with another screeching feminist ever again and their bullshit ever again.

why are you gay

Where is that user who was claiming that Kaworu frenching Shinji was totally straight. We need you right now

God I wish that were me

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You seem pretty gay to me since you had this image saved

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Being gay is wrong.

Transgender? I don't know what to call you

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What's wrong with a little gay sex here and there? Keeps the testosterone up.

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glowie-kun pls don't put me on a list

there's a reason why men often had sexual relations with young boys in traditional warrrior cultures around the world

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Me too. It's their fault Shinji's new figure has such a fat ass

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I hate myself too you wanna make out?

Kaworu hates gay people too, especially Shinji

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