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Okay Any Forums, let's decide right now

Becky or Anya?

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Sex with Becky.

I'm not a pedo so Becky.

Becky looks like shes into seducing older men then blackmailing them with recordings of what they did together behind the school gym so they cant ever stop fulfilling her desires.

Both would still be needed though.

Damn female kids...

>Another shit thread
How do animefags do it so effortlessly?

So what's the likelihood of the Blackbell's backing Donovan to orchestrate another war? Can't sell weapons if no one needs them.

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Pink pussy is best pussy

thanks for bumping shitty thread retard


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Becky has the sexier personality but Anya has the looks. Becky now, Anya after she awakens to lewd things.

Anya x Becky

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definitely Anya

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Hebe Anya > Hebe Becky

Personally, Im ready to bet Dovovan a red herring and scape goat, just a eccentric shut in who can't interact with his son because he remind him of his late wife (the way Damian interact with him imply its his only parent, else he wouldn't be so thirsty for his attention in peculiar), and the true culprit is corrupt elements within both the SSS and westalia equivalent that want shit to start again as to whitewash their mutual warcrimes and make one hell of a profit at the same time, so they low-key working together as to stir shit up and muddle the true culprits aka themselves, under the guise of raising hostilities between the two nations. Kinda insinuated that they probably been doing it for a long time, as the manga insinuate at a time that the bombing that caused the first war to begin with was a false flag.

We'll obviously get a Loid vs Yuri conflict where Loid get hold of some juicy intel, so juicy in fact he can't transmit it to his superior because they'll eliminate him to save face, and Yuri will get his hands on it but will face a similar situation (and will make him realize being a unquestioning bootlicker has its disadvantage), so they'll become frenemies. Dunnos how Yor will fit into that, probably will be paid to hunt either or both of them under false aliases.

Yor, because I am not a pedo.

>Cucking a man rather than give love to one that need it

Franky Franklin all the way

This girl seriously has an autistic spectrum disorder no cap

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Aged up Anya because I'm not a pedo.

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She is literally a funnel for all the retardation of the peoples around her, hence why she has miserable scores in exam despite being able to read the mind of the peoples around. Also 4 year old.