Kinsou no vermeil

i can't believe this show made me fall in love with a slut

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She's not a slut anymore right? The past is the past, she serves only you now.

Good, that was the authors' intention. Purity is overrated.


sluttism is cured with MCdick putting a baby in them

I like it when sluts legitamately fall in love

I can. most betas end up falling in love with chad's scraps and providing for them

I just hope this has a pregnant ending or the final powerup is Vermeil being pregnant.

>her entire behavior set and self worth is built out of being a genocide-machine

I would almost guess she has never touched another dude other than the MC.

She essentially got witch hunted until she went full demon and then after killing a ton of people, she got locked in a book to protect her.

>female author makes manga about a huge-titted slut with magic powers that make her cooler and better than everyone else corrupting an innocent shota and having lots of sex with him
that's one heck of a self-insert fantasy

purityfags will never win
they will always fall before the gigaslut who's going to be so kind to purge them of their purityfagging ways

i wish i was corrupted by a big titted slut

Vermeil is hot but this show made me more happy for the couple aspect. I like how they do fall for each other and Alto slowly becomes more of a chad.

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This show convinced me that women should be allowed to groom high schoolers.

The show is based because it shits on pink haired girls.

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>Spend her entire life preparing a dumb dork to be her husband.
>Perfect 10/10 comes in and takes his virginity and heart.
God, she is so pathetic it's hot.

She just needs a yandere arc

Chris is undeniably the best girl

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Kys pink haired girls are the treasure of the universe

pink haired girls ruin lives

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>Femdom bitch


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