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recap of prev chapter

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another useless exposition that simply described what just happened word to word
>kaiser saw the same vision, kaiserblocked me, kunigami reacted and stole my goal

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>I wanted that goal!
>keep calm and think
>I've proven that Meta Vision is a great weapon
>I've only learned how to use my vision from Kaiser, but there must be many other Pro players with great vision usage and soccer IQ that I could definitely learn from

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>huh? wtf?

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>Meta Vision put a huge ton of physical and mental strain..!
>full s-.... always... crush... (cut page)

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>I must conquer it and prove my worth to the world

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>Ah, Itoshi Sae's play at U-20 match that I couldn't understand. he's probably got a Meta Vision too!
of course pro players have good field awareness lmao

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>Isagi... his play is completely different from the beginning of the match. what did he figure out in the middle of the match?

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>hah. that bastard just keeps getting better and better. but there's no point comparing myself to him. isagi is isagi. I'm me.. I'll fight through this Neo Egoist League with my own way of fighting

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>I won't become someone who isn't chosen anymore

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>Nagi: This is the first time I've felt like this. I want to understand more about this frustrating feeling, so I want to play with Isagi
>Reo: fuck, I'm remembering those moments again...
>Nagi: You're annoying, Reo

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>Whatever, who cares about the past... Those losing experiences only made me stronger. I'm no longer someone who can't play without him.

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>It's not Nagi's fault. I'm the one who has to change

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>I'll prove the world that Mikage Reo can fight alone

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>I want to win against Isagi

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>What should I do... Isagi just keeps getting ahead of me. I don't think the current me could win against him

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Besides this and Ao Ashi what other soccer stuff is out there right now?

>Nagi: Soccer isn't fun at all right now...
>Reo: Hah? and I should care because???
>Reo: You've chosen your own path so you can win against Isagi. Your problem's got nothing to do with me anymore.

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>Nagi; Soccer was way more fun when I played it together with you. Reo, lend me your strength.

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>Nagi: I need you, Reo.

when you're ready to move on, but your ex keeps haunting you

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