Buyfag thread

Korbo tiny ears

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read the guide

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I'm blind not deaf

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are there demons nearby


If 2023 is going to be Cutie Honey's 50th anniversary, will we be seeing new Cutie Honey tat worth buying?

Post Otokorashī statues.

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any anniversary can be an excuse to make something new

Which is why it's weird seeing Devilman's 50th birthday getting such little fanfare. The most Devilman got this year was a resin kit and Display Only reissue of the S.H. Figuarts Devilman. Maybe they are saving the good stuff for Crybaby's 5th anniversary (2023).

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>itt, anons willing to buy a shit 1/6 scale for 50k, but they cry about a 85k 1/3 dollfie w/ a full outfit being "too expensive"

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look at her go

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Wtf, is this reddit? Saddest attempt at trying to be witty.

I've admired dolls for more than a decade now, but I can't get myself to ever purchase one. I feel like it'd be crossing a line I could never take back.

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only retards think you'll be somewhat forced to buy extra clothes, more than one large doll or custom faceplates, just buy a single doll, the one you like the most, but you can still afford.

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damn, i've been out of the loop for a while, I was totally convinced that this was an unlicensed statue

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The shots from anons on the equator do help fill in spots.

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also, is there any place where I can still get her? aside from ebay and scalpers

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>3/4 of this image is my shit
I may have a problem


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I generally try not to buy garbage, yeah.

if a month ever goes by without any Mashu then you'll know I'm dead

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anyone have the picture of Carla at the beach in full?

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That was quick.

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