Why do women love Heaven's Feel?

Why do women love Heaven's Feel?

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Because women are evil and it's a mans responsibility to love them anyway, this is canon.

>defiled slut with high body count finds a cuck beta male sucker to settle down with
Gee, I wonder why women like it

Do they?

Because it's the best love story ever told

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They don't give a fuck about it.

But women love UBW for self inserting as Rin, archer/rin, and fujotrash archer/lancer.

>Why do women love Heaven's Feel?
We don't

Why you people are always so wrong about women?

All FSN fans love Heaven's Feel user, as is the canonical ending that reveals all mysteries and solves all problems.

t. Nasu

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Only the deranged like heaven's feel.

rape fantasies

I'm a FSN fan and I hate Heaven's Feel and Sakura
You're wrong

>I'm a FSN fan but I hate half the story and its overall conclusion
wow, what a big "fan" you are

>half the story and its overall conclusion

They don’t know about the superior and canonical Timeline.

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It's frankly unfair we had to trudge through the slut timeline and weren't even rewarded with a taiga route

no they dont

Because they are used goods just like sakura

Do women like UBW.

we don't.
fate is cancer.