Who did it better?

Who did it better?

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zetsubou sensei

God I wish.

Please take me back.

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Save us moetron.

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Love Live

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jashinchan since she becomes an actual real character

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Jashin-chan definitely. The style and setting really brings out her personality. Wish she was more than just cameos though.

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How come Hatsune Miku, despite her immense popularity in Japan to the point of being considered a cultural icon, does not have an anime of her own?

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Currently watching Lucky Star for the first time. Does it get better later on? I think it's alright for now but some jokes drag for too long.

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Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei

Yeah, the first 2 episodes are a drag. If you're not a fan of otaku metahumour, I wouldn't recommend continuing.

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I thought the Gunbuster references were fun and fast paced.

wtf, Shinkalion wasn't enough for you?

Miku isn't real

then how does she make music

Vocaloids are lame (but they're fun).