Do you think tomoko would use Any Forums or 2chan

do you think tomoko would use Any Forums or 2chan

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>Any Forums
No, realistically, the English slang and the American "meta-narrative" in the discussion would filter her out fats. Like she wouln't ever understand what the election jokes are about.
maybe? I think Hina Nemoto would be more likely to use the whole anime-network thing, Tomoko seems to be way more casual. I can imagine Yuri Tamura using 2chan or whatever though. Asuka Katou WOULD probably use English Any Forums though.
So I think Tomoko would be the most normalfag Internet user
Emiri Uchi would probably be reading yuri hentai mangas on dynasty scans though

>filter her out fats
filter her out fast

2chan is a given.
I doubt he speaks English.

She would use my limp dick as her personal onapole.

>I doubt he speaks English.
Tomoko isn't a tranny!!!

depends if she's dubbed or subbed

if she's dubbed she uses MAL

She doesn't strike me as the type that would learn English and go to places outside of Japans circle. Only westaboos do that or those that have gained or want English speaking viewers/fans for streamer.

>I doubt he speaks English.
And? The same applies to el goblino oscuro

>Start to read manga because why not
>Tfw it hit close to home way too often and she is unironically a 1 for 1 female version of me

I want to crawl into a ball and die, not even past volume 1 and I relate way too hard... But I do wish my elementary school ''friends'' ever bothered to recontact me, would have made the first 3 year of highschool way less lonesome.

She'd be a twitterfag like most japs are these days

I remember being 14

tomoko would post once in terrible broken english and get bullied off the site for being an ESL


She's not like most Japs.
And may is still very fast. Faster than any board on this site.

mods deleted the other thread while we were talking about Tomoko's smell and how it's probably nasty despite Tomoko being Japanese... ;_;

>get bullied off the site for being an ESL
The manga is from 2011, so I think she wouldn't even stay long enough to get bullied for being underage or ESL, as she'd first get told to post tits or GTFO.

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She uses google ffs

She's the most normalfag

>Asuka Katou WOULD probably use English Any Forums though.
hell no, she is a massive normie stacy type. no fucking way she even know what -chan sites are. she is probably too busy bingewatching makeup and cat videos on tiktok and youtube.

She'd use a bunch of underground boards.

tomoko's the type to tell people she once hired an assassin on an onion site despite secretly being too afraid of the deep web to even install tor