ITT: Villains you wanted to see win

ITT: Villains you wanted to see win

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I take this back. He actually got EXACTLY what he wanted.

fpwp fucking kill yourself faggot nigger eren is the worst protagonist in popular anime history

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Can't be worse than Shinji or his numerous clones you dumb nigger tranny

At least they don't build up a character for an entire series only to make him scream and shit his pants and whine like a cuck about how his girl is going to get impregnated by Chad after he dies at the end

What the hell was Kogami fighting for? Simple revenge? And he gets to win? What a sick joke!

Go back to hell, Chuck

Most of the homunculi in Brotherhood are such fun characters

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>be Younger Toguro
>win Dark Tournament a second time
>Sakyo makes a gorillion dollars, opens a permanent portal to Demon World
>Sensui comes on the scene
>get ass kicked by an AIDS-riddled gay Indian psychic because he's a schizo who had his multiple personalities get training arcs too so he could power level Buddha war god bullshit
>realize Tournament committee lied to him about making him the highest class of demon
>Elder Brother crawls back out of ocean
>cant move, Sensui glued ass to the earth's crust
>"Now i'll show you how to respect your oniichan, little brother"
>begins tentacle raping Toguro's mouth while demons and Sensui destroy the Earth
>last thoughts are about Genkai and how this must be what it felt to deepthroat her

stop posting on a Mongolian basket weaving forum and run the fucking country, sibyl

It's called justice, user. Not the fake one administered by Sybil system but the one a real human can comprehend

The only true answer

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10/10 this must be the lost Three Kings Arc plot until his editors told Togashi to eat shit and he proceeded to fuck over Shueisha in the following decades.

Cockami killed the person who was one step away from destroying Sibyl for the sole reason of petty revenge. He was also boring.

>The author made him so ridicously evil and pathetic so the audience would be more willing to root for the MC
>MC is a disgusting Gary Stu who never loses and always gets what he wants with minimal effort.
I'd still root for the villain you massive hack

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I'm still mad. All fucking three of them deserved better.

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I've never watched an anime that fell off harder after a single season than Psycho pass.

He killed the person who shouldn't have been alive if it wasn't for Sybil, the who who deserved to be killed under all circumstances

the one*