K-ON Shuffle is better than K-ON

K-ON Shuffle is better than K-ON

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They are both cute. No need to fight, baka.

I just wanted to make a thread

Really? If it's so good, then why doesn't anyone give a shit about it?

bad taste? normalfaggotry?

I can't decide which one has the better cast, but Shuffle is definitely funnier

Made for compensated dating

Yukari is too funny

Just look at those designs. Completely soulless.


I like it, but it needs more Karin

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No anime. A Kyoani Shuffle anime would unironically turn the industry on its head

Did people give a shit about K-on before the anime?

Wasn't there a college sequel manga or something? People still don't seem to give a shit about it apart from the anime

There was that plus another sequel about Azunyan, Ui and Jun plus a couple of new girls continuing the club while the rest are in college

K-On High School was better than K-On but Shuffle is the worst.

fucking die frogposters

Why is the girl on the left's skirt so short?

And Bocchi is better than both

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Sadly it'll never be adapted. With how Kyoani does things nowadays.

Really? What happens in the manga?

>Really? What happens in the manga?
What I mean is that Kyoani were able to adapt a mediocre 4koma (K-On Classic) into one of the most iconic anime series ever produced and Shuffle has the added benefit of the source material actually being good