What's the best way to learn japanese through watching anime? I want to watch anime without having to read subtitles...

What's the best way to learn japanese through watching anime? I want to watch anime without having to read subtitles, and I'm super lazy, I've been watching anime for years but only really picked up a basic knowledge of japanese, how do I learn japanese so I don't have to read subtitles anymore?

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You don't learn by watching anime. Anime is basically only OK for listening practice. Learn the kana, learn some basic grammar, start memorizing vocabulary, and then start trying to read things. Keep practicing and eventually you get better.

kudasai sempai, watashi too lazy for that

Then it's over for you.

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>What's the best way to learn japanese through watching anime?
Immersion, of course. Watching anime is immersion.
Read the /jp/ guide to get started. tatsumoto.neocities.org/


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You're not going to. It doesn't work that way. You have to learn when not watching anime. The best you'll get from that is learning what kawaii means.

You aren't watching sober right? Your gonna need at least a 5 stack before you start adsorbing moonspeak into your cerebral vortex.

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>I can teach you the Japanese that real life Japanese people speak

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and do you speak japanese tripfig?

well I've had 5 beers tonight but I'm not that drunk, I could learn

No, I don't. And I've seen like 800 anime shows or some shit. That's my point.

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I'm the kind of nigga who's willing to sit down and study but is autistic about having a plan. Any advice on that? Like,
>Get this book and that book and get through x amount of chapters/exercises a day



>a fucking deadbeat
so you finally managed to get banned from /vt/ and decided to come here instead?

Here's what I did.
0. Learn Kana (won't get anywhere without this)
1. Read through Tae Kim's grammar guide once (just to get a basic idea).
2. Memorize vocabulary (used Anki for this)
3. Started reading manga raw (words I didn't know were added to anki
4. Started reading VNs
5. Eventually turned off subs in anime at some point
6. profit

Sweet, I will look into all these, and for that last user , where does learning to read Kanji fit into this?

>where does learning to read Kanji fit into this?
Learn it at the same time you learn words. Individual kanji study is a meme imo.

I gotcha, so I'd learn the different readings as I run into them?

Read through the guides provided, they tell you how to approach it. But yes.


Thank you anons, I'm feeling good about this!

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Has anyone here actually gone through his course?

>watch a show with english subs first
>rewatch the show with japanese subs
>pause and translate whatever you don't understand

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get a Japanese gf

The best way to learn japanese