Why don't we get more personal information on demons in isekai?

Why don't we get more personal information on demons in isekai?

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New manga serialization announced "BladeSkill Online". Gender Bender with thicc body

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What to expect based on the LNs published
>His summoned beast

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Please read this WN

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lewd troubles

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>Get Isekai’d in a world where you are literally inferior to every woman in existence
What would you do?

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Learn to cook I guess

Not care.

Protect my chastity until I find a nice, strong lady who loves me for who I am and not my body and is willing to take responsibility and ask for my hand in marriage. Then fuck her childhood friend.

>Blind mage makes a prince look like he pissed himself, then laughs at him
Why are disabled people such assholes

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Become a slave to some hot chick

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Save noble catgirls from condemnation events

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Realize that I landed in heaven and get to enjoy watching women fight over me and enjoy having baby makin' sex with a strong woman
Sucks about becoming a second class citizen

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They're envious.
Kill them all.

For me it's demon girls (120 cm)

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try to unisekai myself
suicide if that fails

Hope I get the cave by a cute rich yandere.


Best girl.

seduce women


cute couple

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>tiny cuttlebone horns
What's even the point if you can't use them as handlebars? Get some calcium in this chick, stat.

What's the point when he's a manlet among manlets?