Boku no hero academia

>All I've done, is for the sake of that scenery

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So bakugo coming back to life happened. Will Dad for All happen?

God what a shit villain

What's his motivation again? Just because?

why did they make him look like a chad?

DfO, Bak-U-Go, forced villain redemption, parallel universes, and aliens. And that’s just in September!

Reminder AFO is the true hero of mha.

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Reminder: AFO is the antagonist, but the true Hero of the story. AFO loved his younger brother, and would often read comic books together with him. His younger brother desired very much to be a Hero, just like the Heroes in his comic books. AFO saw this, and because he loved his brother so, he decided to give him his wish. How would be make his brother the greatest Hero? AFO having the single greatest quirk for studying quirks and their true nature knew about his younger brothers quirk and its nature, so he devised a plan and gave him a power stockpiling quirk, knowing that it would merge with his own quirk and be a mega power one day. He also knew about Quirk singularity, and how quirks themselves have a consciousness of their own, and one day that consciousness would grow too powerful to be contained, so he decided that in order to mould his brother into the greatest hero of all time, he would have to give him a proper villain to square off against and push him to his limits, preparing him for the day he would eventually fight the singularity and save man kind. This is why he vowed to become the 'Greatest Demon Lord'. AFO has been playing the long game ensuring humanities survival. This is that 'smile of the buddha' that Garaki speaks about. He holds no hate in his heart, and has given everything to ensuring the future would be kept safe by his younger brother

why didnt all might just donate his heart to save bakugo?

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A literal who coming out of nowhere with a forced relationship to another barely relevant character to sacrifice his life for the sake of a retard who killed himself.

afo i'll tell you brother, that's a shitty reason bro

What revived the hype?

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The most romantic page in bnha

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unironically an adult man penetrating a minor

Unrequited at best. AFO only ever called Ujiko friend. He his his boner for either Yoichi or Inko or both.

pic related

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Is there a list of things Hori never expanded upon or forgot because he instead focused on dumb bullshit?

This isnt even homo though. You can say all of this about your boy too. I love my friends, I think their smiles are precious and it makes me happy to know they are happy. Garaki and AFO are literally best friends, its only natural that they would want to see each other smiling and free from hate. Could it be actual homosexuality on garakis end? Shit maybe, but I think its moreso just showing how strong their bond is

MHA is one of those series that i feel ive done a genuinely good job with remembering all the small details, and I dont think there are any real things that Hori hasnt expanded upon that really matter. I cant think of anything. Most of the 'issues' literally come from the retardation of the fandom and their complete lack of understanding of the story

>Garaki and AFO are literally best friends
We have no idea how AFO feels about Garaki. He was literally there 2m away but AFO only tried to help Spinner.

Is this why the manga went to shit Hori? You here seething about all criticism instead of working?

>Mawata Fuwa
>~80 or so other upperclassmen
>how some people use their quirks for a job without being heroes
>Shiketsu exists, and is connected to UA through underground railways

While thats true, I get the vibe that AFO actually cares about garaki to a certain extent. He was his right hand man, so there is a level of trust/respect that one must have to be THAT close to him. Its unclear as to whether or not their relationship goes deeper than just work colleagues or not, but I think it does. They've known each other for damn near 100 years at this point lol

Well, youre here asking for an exhaustive list, so that shows that (You) dont even know of many (if any) loose ends lol

> >how some people use their quirks for a job without being heroes
>giving a shit about this in a manga about heroes
They have other license for those things


>He was his right hand man
I dunno about that, AM killed a shitload of AFO's comrades and only Ujiko was left likely because he's a coward who doesn't fight. If anything AFO only sees him as a needed friend because of the research and Ujiko is creepy about it like a fanboy.

He isn't even objectively good looking

>zero rebuttal
Good to know you agree

Which has never been stated, you’re just guessing.

There's no suck thing as objectively good looking. He's handsome on a plain way likely helped by age.

Give me a few of them then lol
Cant argue with that honestly. We'll see how it pans out. I like to imagine they are actual friends, but who knows, Hori has been building AFO up as either a complete sociopath or someone who is so enlightened that they have transcended the realm of ego entirely

>give a shit about them in a manga about heroes
Your fault in the first place

He isn't handsome either is what I probably meant to say

He just enjoys having fun.

It’s the bare minimum of worldbuilding. It’s one of many reasons many older series will still be remembered while MHA won’t be.


NTA, but it doesnt need to be expanded upon because hes already told us everything we need to know about it: Some people use their quirks for their careers. Its as simple as that. He doesnt need to show you a man using his 'Egg Beater Hand' quirk to beat an egg. REAL world building is implication.

>It’s the bare minimum
No it isn’t. You are just autistic