What happened to the presence of Japanese memes in the west? Anime

What happened to the presence of Japanese memes in the west? Anime,
manga and general Japanese culture memes that were prevalent on Niconico used to be discussed widely on Any Forums and /jp/ but despite the content continuing to be made, it no longer has any place in otaku communities anymore. What happened?

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youtube happened

Newfags don't have niconico accounts, in fact they have probably never even heard of niconico.

YouTube was around back then too.

NicoNico isn't even the driving cultural meme force in Japan anymore. Why would it be here?

What is now?

Nico is dead. It was reportedly losing as much as $100000 a year.
Kadokawa pays it every time simply because it's their biggest platform and "there's a chance of being revived"

Funny thing is, Kemono Friends revived Niconico but then they killed KF.
Nicousers threatened to boycott nico during negotiation and boycott they did indeed

Twitter and vtubers

neither imageboards

The big disconnect between Niconico and western sites happened well before KF, vtubers or even Twitter as a majority platform.

Pretty sure this is the last thing I was linked to from niconico in 2016 or 2017, coincidentally or not pretty much everything of old Any Forums died around that time, replaced by 24 hour shonen generals.

You are not wrong
But goddamn, when KF fell, I straight up saw YouTube channels that had no activity for 3 years suddenly get revived as the nico users transferred every video they had back there

One user who make Kemono Friends fan animation had an episode where he used Nicodouga's logo.
He reuploaded it with YouTube's logo.

The biggest middle finger was when KF2's final episode because the single most downvoted anime in all of NicoNico history

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This is like asking why isn't irc or myspace being discussed anymore. Your time is past, old man.

most of their popular MADs have been taken down by DMCA
video quality is almost always 360p, you are lucky if you get to watch in 480p
all the popular streamers/video makers moved to the bigger global platform, youtube, where they get much more viewers and can actually be monetized
all their popular videos with their "unique" comments get reuploaded to youtube anyways


Last time I checked the internet is not a platformer.

Are you both of you retarded?

Why do you keep calling it 'platforms"? How new to the net are you?

What do you mean by that?

is there some retarded social meme I'm unaware about, that using the term triggers you for some retarded political reason?

I think it's mostly that large horizontal communities tend to disappear, either because interactions are now reduced to a simple like or to a comment lost in the middle of thousands. Popularity dies very quickly too, unless it is maintained by external marketing, but then making the original content created inherently less genuine.
In other words, it is very hard for a piece of subculture to emerge and maintain its relevance by itself (ie. by its community). Because of that, the creative content usually follows trends instead of adding something unique to the culture that could last, or even become iconic. Finally, if it is not iconic, it will have even less impact on westerners.

Platform as in the place where they share information, you colossal retards

Nico is Kadokawa's biggest platform for announcing and advertising their latest LN, Manga, and Anime releases. Hence why they cannot shut down Nico even when it is bleeding money

Kinda like Bing and Windows Phone.
By themselves, they do not make money.
But because Microsoft owns them, they control which products its users would most likely buy

And therefore, it generates enough indirect money to be worth keeping

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Sorry, meant to say "app".

to be accurate niconico is a metroidvania, sry for the confusion