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Based Goda

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so many threads to choose from



No way that this is based off of that image, right?

It might’ve
Our memes have traveled to weirder places than a Japanese comic

whats the og

Why are onions eaters like this?

What chapter?

>this will save so many chickens

Last one

What the literal actual fuck....does Oda follow the Any Forums meme culture too??? Should I be excited or worry about this?

>Any Forums
It became mainstream some time ago

Very interesting indeed

Do you still love One Piece?
Be honest

one piece more like one big piece of shit


>first chapter in years with no samurai, no oden, no furries, no troons, no law, no kaido, no big mom
>crew interactions again
>crocodile and mihawk on panel making buggy out for the retard he really is
One Piece is healing

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The quality definitely took a nosedive after the timeskip.
There are some new characters I like (Caesar, Fujitora, Pudding) and I consider Doflamingo to be the best antagonist so far. However the pacing is way too slow, the redesigns are too different and boring, and many plot points don't get resolved at all.
I still like it but it's not what it was

a big log dumped by bonney

Fucking disgusting looking manga.

Set fail for wan piss.

t. Jealous Chainsawmanfag

FUCK you

>It not only undermines Whitebeard's size to support his title as the world's strongest man, but also Elbaf, the island of actual fucking giants. Now instead of going "Oh shit, giants", you're just going to think "Meh, Black Maria and Shirahoshi were bigger". It's insulting that sizes were once awe-inspiring are now simply the standard if not the bare minimum.

I think this is a similar phenomenon as power-creep, but it's more like stakes-creeo. Basically Oda blew his load by putting giants and superhuman powers at the beginning of the story, and every single arc he has to one-up the previous stakes so that the protagonist can be seen to get stronger. By the time we're at post-timeskip, we've had the Summit War with Whitebeard and all kind of powerful characters, but he still has to up the ante, so each major antagonist and/or their allies are bigger than the last. That, and Oda really seems to have focused on surreal shit post-timeskip. Dressarosa has people being turned into toys and WCI is obviously Alice in Wonderland inspired. Of course One Piece has always been weird, but even small things like town designs have gone seem to have gone toward a more fantastical presentation than a historical one.

>the gag character is just a gag

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