One Piece

>buggy is nearly beaten to death by crocodile and even mihawk joins in
>buggy is pushed to be desperate enough to offer to lick their shoes
>buggy's crew immediately turns on him in front of his face including galdino
>it wasn't buggy's fault or intention at all for the WG to perceive him as the leader
>buggy wouldve been straight up murdered, but they instead paint him as the yonko target that puts bounties on marines, buggy breaks down crying while telling "his" crew
>caesar is being treated 1000x better than buggy, the guy that drugged kids and the one oda himself said should be dead

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Who can compete with Viola and Smoothie in the ass department?

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>shit on shanks
>janny pulls the trigger

>Dude le post porn xD

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OTama sex

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post coomer images

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Buggy is our guy.

Kill yourself you fucking nigger.

Shanks? Low diff. Black blade btw, my haki is superior.
Perona? Stretched out. CREAMED on the world's stronger AND most skilled BBS (Big Black Sword).

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Perona has never canonically touched Mihawk.

Zoro and Sanji? Homosexuals

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This Viola makes me coom and she's not even revealing

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Everything is aiming for him to become PirateGod as the true underdog. Maxing out on BuggyCoin, don’t fuck this up Oda

>Zoro placed his swords on the couch to sleep on the ground next to sanji

well of course, mihawk is the dominant type, he touched her


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You are the one against posting girls

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wanna lick

The last thread got deleted because of faggots like you spamming your off-topic garbage.

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This is your Pirate God Buggy.

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These are one piece characters that are being posted.

are we being raided

by who??


Crocodile is two for two on making girls with blue ponytails cry and fear for their lives

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>Shits on King
>Listens to Queen like a good boy

What does this mean, Who's Who bros?

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fuck Buggy

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Emperor Luffy and his 10 commanders

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He'll have the upper hand in the end

Hard to tell in a side pic, but this artist must want to fuck a man considering all the chicks he draws have linebacker shoulders

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>not smiling
why is zoro such a fagget?

Crocodile is Namis father
Both love money

There is a board that is for just posting images

post timeskip zoro was a mistake

Who should be the final boss of One Piece?

Im -
Blackbeard -

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Post Cute and Canon

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Leave midhawk to ME

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This was 100% a dropped plot point
There's clearly a connection there because both Who's Who and King are wanted by the government for knowing too much

Duchess bun

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I was kinda mad at Yamato's bait and switch but this makes more sense

Is there any art of Sanji and Croc swapping their tobacco? I.e. Sanji with a cigar and Croc with a cigarette?

What is the interest rate at Crocodile when you borrow money?

Blackbeard won't be the final boss. You can see from his jobber crew that they will barely be a challenge to Zoro and Sanji

Admirals literally shit on every single crewmate of BB and even maybe him too.

We will unironically probaly know soon if Vivi joins or not if Sabo talks about her

Like if her joining is on the table AT ALL the one thing that must happened is that she is still on the redline or even in the new world and didnt go back to alabasta

If the later happened is over

Doc Q will use Moria's devil fruit to summon undead Roger.

a lot of the post timeskip was a mistake desu

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Im praying insallah

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rank each version

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>mihawk is the dominant type
this chapter proved the exact opposite

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Buggy... who did this to you?

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>>Like if her joining is on the table AT ALL the one thing that must happened is that she is still on the redline or even in the new world and didnt go back to alabasta
I believe

No it got deleted because the OP was Luffy going "Hey Zoro drink my pee"