Digimon Ghost Game

Episode 40, "Spiral Beach", airs in 30 minutes. It's time for Uzumaki: Kids' Edition!

Episode 40 preview: youtube.com/watch?v=HmFgcnOW_FE

Episode 40 synopsis: Gammamon accidentally breaks Hiro's tablet, but is too angry to apologise. That's when Espimon appears with his arm twisted into a strange shape!

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Episode 40 stream: youtube.com/watch?v=BxHcEYvkRIA

Do we know who the MOTW is? Might be an important episode.

I don't think anyone knows. Most episodes show the MotW in either the preview or the synopsis but this one hasn't shown anything.

Alternate link: youtube.com/watch?v=clqsxQMpDdM

I wonder if it's going to be a new mon. People have said that it could be one of herissmon's evos but I kind of doubt it desu. Hopefully it ends up being an interesting choice.

Jesus christ

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It's Calmaramon!

Junji ito liked this episode.

she is hotter than her frontiers version

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EPISODE 41 PREVIEW: youtu.be/Z7oASKXwLuw

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Grade this episode.

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Hot Squid/10


Didn't watch it like every other episode/10

The synopsis: Angoramon disappears after going to some mysterious show called Pierre's Dream Circus. Hiro and Ruli go to investigate but...

>Pierre's Dream Circus

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>first dark mc mon with personality
>nothing happens
>still no Ryo Akiyama apparition
i like the series but damn, i hoped more for a series that was supposed to save digimon after the appmon+colon disaster

They really like her, huh. She was used as a motw in colon too. Ranamon in shambles.

>still no Ryo Akiyama apparition
What the fuck are you talking about.

Also shows what happens when you can actually get people in to voice the characters. I know Colon had its issues but I doubt its middle would have felt so dead had Coronamon not been alive.

Ryo Akiyama is the multidimension jumper tamer
its canon that he saves the 01 crew (and a movie cameo) and interacts with 02 crew (and a cameo in ken's dreams) and after fighting milleniummon's evo (again) he goes to tamers.
A series with misterious features and parallel worlds sure could have him for no reason.

I know who Ryo is, I'm wondering what on Earth you are thinking wanting that idiot ruining another series with his presence.

I'm interested in watching this show for Ruli, is it worth it?

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It's worth it regardless.

I will just say it's designed to be episodic so whether that's an issue is up to you.

Is it time? The partners got to their Perfect levels very late for a digimon series, I honestly doubt we'll see Ultimates as enemies yet.

why not
if its episodic sure he would be okay for him to appear in a parallel dimension ep or something

Bringing Ryo in introduces a load of shit that is completely unnecessary. If they are that fucking stupid the show deserves to die.

Yeah, I don't think it's Piemon. The sleeves are different for starters. I'd be happy to be proven wrong but Ultimate enemies seem a bit much, especially if this show runs for a similar length to Colon.

Cute loli.

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