Lycoris Recoil

So will they really have the balls to kill off Chisato? Especially with the whole "she has only two months left to live" and artificial heart stuff.

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marrying, deyurifying and impregnating the lycoris's girls

MajimaCHAD will save her

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Definitely not.
With the ending in episode 9, it’s gonna be a save Chisato ending. If they were setting up tragedy, it would need to have been much more melancholic from there

Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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Now that a yuri end is confirmed, Majimafags should stop posting entirely.

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You can't because she'll gladly eat your stinky dick for free

Reminder that dead chisato = dead franchise.

that makes it better, more money for the other girl

>yuri end

Best character being best again.

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Takina's clit inside Chisato's mouth.

uoooh cunny wife T0T

Another yurifags vs majimabros thread?

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Try not to shit yourself this time.

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I want both yurifags and Majimafag to stop posting. Seriously the best fags right now are shinjixmika fags. at least they're talking about the damn plot.

Yurifags are talking about Chisato/Takina's relationship which is the other pillar of the show.

Please don't post MikaxShinji faggot scenes in this yuri thread.

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RIP Majima. You fucked with the wrong guy.

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This will happen, and yuriniggers will never recover.

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why draw him so cool?
>styled messy hair
>red glowing pupil
he looks even more sexy

Eoisode 9 already killed most of them.

>I fuck guys like you for breakfast

and Majimafags are talking about how he's gonna help Takina. Which is possibly going to happen next ep or after that.


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You wish kek. Majima stocks will skyrocket next episode when he fixes Chisato.

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most Majima fans are more invested in his relationship with Robota. He called him by his name for the first time this ep.

Fuck, I won't deny that the majimabros have a pretty good chance at destroying the yuri and having Majima and Chisato become a couple at the end but I will take my chances.

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But he's going against the DA which Takina is at. The next ep is going to focus on him vs Takina.

This. Most actual Majimafags are fujo.
I mean, the voice actresses, for starter.