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>Zoro I want to drink your piss

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Post lewds that won't get you banned but almost

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I do not acknowledge Nika as canon.

can't wait for the reunion

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Monster trio

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Why would someone make this?

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Bounty=/= strength or Queen is still way stronger than Zoro and Jimbei. Also literally last arc we had a spotlight on Zoro and Sanji as Luffy's wings, Jimbei joining and a bounty gag wont change that

Post Cute and Canon

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I ship Sanji x Zoro

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I ship FemSanji x Zoro

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>No argument
Stop letting Sanji live rent free, no new crewmate will change a 20 year long dynamic, Sanji was number 3 even when he was fourth bountywise

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I think you might be looking too deeply into the wings line
Jimbei's just stronger

>puffy anus

Tama cute and funny moments:

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>Bonney enough we already have sex with you!


So what do you guys think is next for the story? I think there'll be a short stop at sphinks for more acewank followed by elbaf. I think elbaf will be a conflict between kid, law and the strawhats.

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Explain the basic premise and appeal of One Piece.

They know.
They are just scizoposting and hoping for their worstgen kin to @ them

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its cool

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One Piece is a longrunning shonen manga about action and adventure. The major draws of the series are its colorful cast of characters, detailed worldbuilding, and themes of freedom and friendship

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Why Who's Who disrespects King, but obeys Queen like a good boy?

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>this thread

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Based thread

No, Jimbei's strongest attack did something way less impressive than one of Sanji's middle of the road attacks( pushing Who's back vs Sending Queen flying) In almost every cattegory Sanji beats Jimbei under normal circumstances( no large body of water nearby) Speed, Mobility, Attack power, battle IQ, observation, durability by a wide margin( Jimbei even while using armament bled from bullets and Who's whos slashing attacks meanwhile Sanji was able to break a giant sword going at his neck with no armament). A fight between these two wouldnt be close unless Jimbei has the entire ocean to support him, but considering Sanji has great underwater mobility that might not be the case


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Wtf is this thread

I'm gay

Didn't Who's Who plan to assasinate Queen earlier in the arc?

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Sinful bunny!

>Who's who and Queen are equals!!!!!
Well thats just dumb considering he beat down Drake who Whos should be relative to in his human form.

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No, he was pretending in order to lure Drake in.

Cute daugtheru

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I can't dissociate Reiju from Sanji in my mind and it bothers me because she is otherwise very attractive. I think it's the curly brow and the hair over the other eye.


Because he can sense the melanin

No because that would've been interesting, and taken attention away from the samurai.
Instead it turns out he was just trying to lure out the real traitor and was a boring boyscout all along. Worst Tobiroppo.

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>Rocks is finally revealed
>has a big red fucking clown nose
>he was actually Buggy's father the entire time
>Buggy was born 39 years before the series, God Valley happened 38
>Rocks was actually just another figurehead people gathered around the same way infamously strong pirates and prisoners are gathering around Buggy
>Roger took him in after God Valley the same way Garp later took in Ace

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He was looking to fight a calamity, but he mentioned fighting Queen with Drake to bait him. So I think he didnt think he could beat him

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I have no idea why Oda dropped the ball with the bounties. Everyone should be much higher. There's no argument for why Luffy isn't higher than Kaido right now. There's no argument for Zoro and Sanji being below their opponents.

If you can treat every other female different from Nami then you can get over Reiju.

Her design is more different from Sanji than other Nami faces from Nami.

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Uh oh it looks like Sanji jobbed again!
Will you save him /opg/?

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Artificially trying to make the strawhats feel like Underdogs

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Nice, source/any of Hancock?

Forgot pic.

Before anyone calls me a worthless peasant coomer, I'd also like to discuss how Roger's face has gotten shorter and round, less demonic looking, and overall how seems much less intimidating and more goofy since Wano

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>Sanji on week 2 of Kamabaka Queendom

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This is pretty much the only explanation, he didn't want to lower the stakes even more than it already is, because realistically no one seems like enough of a threat for Luffy right now that the admirals were reduced to jobbers and Shanks clearly isn't going to turn evil.
Blackbeard still has no feats, so I guess Oda is going to make him do something - that I doubt will be as impressive as Luffy defeating Kaido - then will give him a 5k bounty to mark his spot as last boss.

(A reminder that Mihawk got this bounty, because of the Cross Guild influence against the World Government, this ain't a One Man Army case like some of you are thinking).

- He's not stronger than Shanks. His Sword play is better, but that's about it. Haki over everything.

Sanji should've always been a woman, a full blown lesbian at that. It means his relationship with Nami, Robin, and Zoro remains exactly the same, but much more interesting.


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