Stuff you've done

I once watched Kiki's Delivery Service 5 times in a single day.

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But why?

I've never watched a Miyazaki or boomer anime movie before

>Stuff you've done

Still haven't finished it. Always get bored out of mind by the bicycle arc.

Ghibli films are so dense. They fulfill my aspergers.

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i am going to have sex with that cat and none of you can do anything about it

He's male.

I watched Angels of Death all the way through pulling an all nighter. Then, I went to my one class for that day in college and watched it again dubbed.

But did you like it?


I saw Pokémon 2000 The Power of One twice in theaters specifically to get two Ancient Mew cards to build a deck around their ability to prevent evolution.
But by then the a Pokémon tcg had become less popular, so I never actually got to use the deck.
The only movies I've watched multiple times in a theater are Pokémon 2000 (twice), Princess Mononoke (twice for the original us release, once a few years back subbed), and Scott Pilgrim (thrice, I was way into it).

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I watched an anime once

I once watched all the old planet of the apes films in a single sitting

I think one time I watched 24 Inuyasha episodes in a single day.

I watched all of future diary in one sitting, I was just so excited to see what was gonna happen next

In freshman year of college a new friend I made invited me to his room to watch Naruto because I had never seen it. I figured we would watch a few episodes, he wanted to do the entire first arc with Zabuza, like 20 episodes. Fucked up that I stuck around for it, too.

Doesn't sound that bad, I love that movie

I watched all of dragonball from the very beginning when I was 14 or so while doing this core workout routine, stuff like 50 crunches and 60 leg raises
probably why I'm so autistic about the series

it's a pretty good movie.

I watched Dragon Ball Super before I watched DB or DBZ

that must've been a bit of a shock. There isn't any blood at all in DBS if I recall right

I was actually depressed for a few days over Haku's death when I first watched that arc ngl. That was a longass time ago though and I was still in middle school then.

DBS was really funny with no context, everything seemed so retarded and random, an all around fun watch really I binged the whole thing in a few weeks. Then I watched DB and DBZ and realized DBS was extremely shitty, it made me appreciate how great the art was in DB and DBZ a lot more.