What is your opinion on the male shoujo genre of manga?

What is your opinion on the male shoujo genre of manga?

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>male shoujo genre
What does that even mean?
Pic related looks boring though, so I probably don't like it.

I'm not interested unless the girl rapes the guy

>What does that even mean?
A shoujo narrative, but with the lead pair having switched genders
instead of
>average becky getting swept off her feet by perfectman who protects her or rapechad
>average lucas gets swept off his feet by perfectgirl who protects him or rapestacey

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>male shoujo genre
You mean girls going after MC? Every second anime with male MC is like this.

That's just a regular romcom.
I like the mahou shounen genre.

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is this a reverse native isekai? that's all i read nowadays

As a complete herbivore this is the only kind of male mc that speaks to me, I'll gladly read yuri instead but I do read these when Any Forums recommends a good one, However!

I do find a lot of these lack a strong conflict that makes them a good read that people will talk about.

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usually have god-tier waifu but the male mc are twinky trash

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Do women even read this shit, or is this geared towards men? I mean, shoujo usually has these dream chads as love interest, because that's kinda what girls want, no?

This is very much targeted at men

That's because Shoujo protagonists are female twinks

name 10 shoujo aimed at men

If you're talking about the Bland McFace meets the *special* (superpowers, special status, being retarded etc) girl mangos, they're almost always really fucking boring.
Would be nice to have actual characters as MCs, but that's rarely the case.

it makes my heart peepee tingle

>male shoujo genre
it's called shounen

Yeah it's about bland mcface and his female knight like

>male shoujo genre of manga
I know you're trying to coin a bait term like soft seinen or native isekai, but this actually makes sense.

I'd say there's still a fundamental difference between those. In the female version, the self insert is pursued by various different flavors of chads. In the male one, there's usually only one main girl and the main obstacle to their relationship is the MC's insecurity.

What type of guy gets off to this? I mean, wouldn't you prefer the girl to be replaced by a man? Honest question.

the fuck does that mean

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The whole point is that they're a girl without the annoying personality of a girl. Almost all anime girls (minus shoujo ones) are just dudes with tits, so you could ask that about any thing.

>Almost all anime girls (minus shoujo ones) are just dudes with tits