This is what a peak housewife looks like. You can try to deny it, but the truth is the goal of every man should be to plump up his wife like Okusan. Be it with babies, or food, or both you gotta get your wife to be nice and meaty.

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If her butt can't block a stairwell, it's too small

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Imagine the smell of her ass

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This thread smells.

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What an interesting plot and main character.


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absolute unit

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for Buttjobs

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>no nipples
>barbie genitalia
Oh, man. I hate it when they do this shit, I can understand the censored pussy, but why bother presenting a character totally nude if they are gonna censor even her nipples.

We do get nips of her in one of the earlier chapters. Strangely enough, it's her even chubbier friend that gets the first on-screen sex scene in this series.

For the kids

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I want to feel Okusan's butt on my lap

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well it is pretty big so it would definitely go past your lap and droop over to the sides of your thighs

>those pathetic stick legs on bottom left panel

As long as I can rub my dick between those giant cheeks I'll be satisfied

It's proof all the fat goes straight to her tits and ass

Goddamn right. Tired of these sticcs. Give me New & Improved Okusan or nothing.

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